Welcome to FrockTalk, the web’s only costume-based movie review site. The goal of Frocktalk is to shed light on the magnificent artistry of costume design in motion pictures. Reviews on this site are written by working costume designers in the entertainment industry – people who know, better than anyone, what it takes to make it all happen. The focus of FrockTalk is not to comment on the big flashy costume dramas, but to call attention to the seemingly ordinary costume design work in film that silently and persuasively moves the audience toward understanding the characters. Costume design for motion pictures is an art form that deserves more recognition than it usually gets. Fancy, pretty costumes do not always equal effective, appropriate costumes. The art of the costume is in letting the audience know who the character is, before the actor even has a chance to open his mouth. Read on, and enjoy. ** CAUTION: ALL REVIEWS CONTAIN SPOILERS! **

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BOYHOOD – Interview with Costume Designer Kari Perkins


I hope that by now, you have had the chance to see the incredible film Boyhood.  Shot over the course of twelve years, we follow the same actors on their journey through life, as seen by Mason (aged 7 – 19).  It’s a fascinating look at the ups and downs of life in all its gruesome messiness.  The costumes follow the characters’ arcs seamlessly, and designer Kari Perkins (Bernie, Mud) has done a wonderful job on the longest narrative project ever! I had some questions for her that I thought you might enjoy…

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Happy 5th Birthday, Frocktalk!


Hey there, Frocktalkers – can you believe it’s been five years already?  I certainly can’t.  I started Frocktalk during the aftermath of the 2008 writers’ strike, in the shadow of the looming SAG strike that never happened.  There was no work, nothing to do… and I decided that I would take the opportunity to educate the world about our art form.  Five years later, our business has recovered and I am exhausted from too much work! All of the educating of the public has paid off (witness the birth of many other websites devoted to movie costumes) and for that, I am truly glad.  Thank you all for being loyal readers.  Your support lifts me up when I am tired.  Your curiosity about our art form compels me to keep going.  And keep going I will… just as soon as I make Thanksgiving dinner for 14 crew orphans and their friends!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you American readers.  I am so thankful for your enthusiasm and your support.


Belated Happy Birthday Wishes, Frocktalk!!

Broke down birthday cake... OOPS!

Broke down birthday cake... OOPS!

Yes, OK, so I was out of town and I wasn’t able to post the birthday wishes I should have!  Frocktalk is officially four years old!  It doesn’t seem possible. Really, it doesn’t. Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring about costumes in movies. It has been very meaningful for me to write about costumes and to share my world with you, and I thank you sincerely for your continued support!!  Now for some birthday cake…


20 Years of Costume Design!

Hello, Frocktalkers! Yesterday, I celebrated the 20th anniversary of being hired as a costume designer on a feature film. I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly; it seems impossible. Back then, I was just a young university graduate with a dream – I came to LA not knowing a soul in the industry, but I scrapped and I hustled and I made it happen. I want to sincerely thank producers Holly Keenan, Scott Levy and Mike Elliott for the communication error that eventually lead to my hiring on that film, The Skateboard Kid (you can read all about it in my book Costuming for Film). I’d also like to thank director Larry Swerdlove and producer Roger Corman for not finding out about it and firing me. It’s been a long, arduous, crazy and fun journey, and it feels really satisfying to still be here with most of my sanity intact, surrounded by great friends and still enjoying the work.

Along those lines, I thought you might find the following reading material quite interesting:

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Happy Third Birthday to Frocktalk!!!

Hello Frocktalkers – HAPPY THANKSGIVING if you’re in the USA, and Happy Frocktalk Birthday if you’re not!  I would like to thank you for three beautiful years of Frocktalking – it’s been so nice to hear from so many of you; thank you for your support.  It’s my pleasure to share the art of motion picture costumes with you, and I intend to keep doing it for a long, long time.  I would like to extend a very special thanks to the person behind the scenes here at Frocktalk, technical wizard Matthew Nyquist.  Without his help and expertise, I would never be able to do this.  Counting my blessings today for so many reasons.  Thank you, everyone!


Frocktalk Turns Two!!

Thank you, Frocktalk readers, for two marvelous years.  I look forward to providing you with more reviews and interviews – I have some really good ones to post later this week.  Thank you for your readership, your interest, your emails and your support.  Thank you for strengthening and celebrating the costume community!  Here’s to many more years to come.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone.


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