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Bombs, Spies, Torture and Violence: Zero Dark Thirty & Skyfall

Two films are out for your holiday viewing: both feature mind-numbing violence, explosions, espionage, gun battles, torture and death. One is based on actual events, and the other is based on a well-known set of novels. The stories are so outrageous; it’s hard to tell which one is standing in front of the mirror and which one is the reflection.

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Interview: Chris Laverty, editor of ClothesOnFilm.com

Hey there, Frocktalkers!  One of my favorite bloggers of all time is currently featured in this month’s installation of The Costume Designer, the magazine of the Costume Designers Guild.  Unfortunately, the magazine is not available for sale, but you can see it online HERE!  YAY for Chris and ClothesOnFilm!!  I think we should start a collection now so that he can join us at next year’s CDG Awards.  What do you think?


The King’s Speech

Review Date: 11-22-2010

Release Date: 11-26-2010 (USA)

Runtime: 118 min.

Period: 1925 – 1939

Costume Designer: Jenny Beavan

The King’s Speech details the reluctant rise of Prince Albert to the throne of King of England in 1936. Specifically, the story is told through the lens of his speech defect – Prince Albert had a severe stutter, and had difficulty speaking publicly and privately. Thematically, the film is about overcoming obstacles including sibling rivalry, bullying, public perception, and perhaps most importantly, the obstacle of one’s self and lack of self-esteem. The film is exquisitely made, and will no doubt be rewarded for its many merits, including stellar performances all around.

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