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The Wrestler

Release Date: 12-31-08
Review Date: 11-1-08
Runtime: 109 min.
Period: Contemporary, 2008
Costume Designer: Amy Westcott

I have been hearing about this movie for a long time.  As a byproduct of Costume Designer’s Guild membership, we are invited to early screenings of movies up for the end-of-the-year Oscar horserace.  The Wrestler is one of these films.  The performances are fabulous.  The story is wonderful – sad, funny, heart wrenching, and satisfying.  The costumes are excellent, too, though they will probably go unnoticed by many who see this film.  These costumes set the stage for the action – they silently inform the audience about who the characters are and about what they endure.
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The Wrestler: Interview with costume designer AMY WESTCOTT

I recently spoke with costume designer Amy Westcott to get her perspective on the fabulous costumes of The Wrestler.  Here’s what she had to say:
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The Wrestler: Interview with Steffany Bernstein, costume supervisor

Some juicy “how-we-did-it” information from Steffany Bernstein, costume supervisor on The Wrestler!

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