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Halloween 2010: The Good, The Bad, and The Snooki

It’s the MOST! WONDERFUL! TIME! Of the YEAR!! Yes, my phone is ringing off the hook, and that can mean only one thing: either it’s an election year (thanks, robo-calls) or it’s HALLOWEEN!! This year, if you are looking for a good last-minute costume idea, I think I can help.

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Review Date: 6-20-09
Release Date: 6-5-09 USA, limited
Runtime: 125 min.
Period: France, 1914 – 1935
Costume Designer:  Madeline Fontaine

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Séraphine is a film that makes you think – it makes you think about all of the potential brilliance in people that has gone undiscovered.  It makes you think about what it is to be an outsider, a person unwanted or unnoticed in society, and it makes you think about religion and those who regard it zealously, without question.  This is a good movie on all levels: directing, acting, cinematography, production design and costumes.  It swept the César Awards in France for 2008 (the film was released in October 2008 in that country), and it is definitely a must-see.

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