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Sarah Jones and the Film Industry Safety Problem

Midnight Rider

Very sad news out of Savannah, Georgia, as you have probably heard by now – an accident on the set of ‘Midnight Rider’, the Gregg Allman story, killed a camera assistant and wounded seven additional crew this past week.  This accident should have never happened, and it’s the latest in a long string of film industry workplace mishaps and deaths, almost all of them completely preventable. We should all be operating with a heightened sense of awareness for our safety and for the safety of those around us. Too often we are asked to work in dangerous situations by people in charge who are reckless and largely unconcerned for the safety and welfare of the crew.

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Sync On Set!


Hey Frocktalkers!  If you don’t know about Sync on Set yet, you really need to listen up.  It’s a cloud-based continuity system.  Use your computer, iPad, iPhone to track continuity, break down scripts, communicate with the department, share information, etc.  We used it on Insidious 2 and it was really great – we didn’t even need a set binder, kids – it was amazing.  They have an AUTOMATED SCRIPT BREAKDOWN (okay?!) and if that’s not enough for you, they offer free classes and tutorials.  Here’s more info!

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Cool New Thing Alert: Sync OnSet

The team at Sync OnSet!

The team at Sync OnSet!

Hey Frocktalkers, there is a great new program that you need to know about for script breakdown and continuity – it’s called Sync OnSet – www.synconset.com, and it’s free right now for a 30-day trial. It’s multi-platform, so you can use it with your iphone, ipad, and computer, and everybody can share the same information simultaneously. It even features an AUTO script breakdown – saving you hours of tedious data entry. Of course, you might want to check for errors, but hey, anything that can save you time is a Godsend! You can try the upload for yourself by going to www.synconset.com and registering – it’s pretty fabulous. You don’t even need a set book anymore – everything you need is in the palm of your hand.  We are using it on this film and it has been amazing.  This technology is going to revolutionize the way we do business!!! THANK YOU, Sync OnSet!!!


Costume Design Around the World

Hello Frocktalkers – after a long absence, I am back in the States to tell you all about it. I have been designing costumes for films for (officially) about twenty years now, and I have had the good fortune to work all over the world. Everyone does things a bit differently, and it is always fascinating to note not only the similarities, but also the differences. I’ve just visited Argentina, and I was lucky enough to hook up with a production down there to see how they do it.

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Lesson for the Day: Shut Your Pie Hole

The ultimate yapper: Chatty Cathy

The ultimate yapper: Chatty Cathy

Hello, Frocktalkers. Today I’d like to talk about NOT TALKING. Specifically, if you are ever on a movie set, and you are next to the monitor (the TV screen on which you can view what’s being shot), KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! People who are in front of the monitor are watching the screen to look out for continuity errors, lighting problems, camera moves – all kinds of things. They do not want to hear your jibber jabber, laughter, songs, or anything of this manner. Making noise in any form in front of the monitor is EXCEEDINGLY disrespectful to everyone making the film (especially the director), and it is totally unprofessional. This has been your lesson for the day. Thank you.


Dubious Distinction, Perhaps, but We’ll Take It

Today, while perusing my usual slate of movie-related websites, I saw an article that (for a few reasons) raised my eyebrows: The 10 Best Nude Scenes of the Year.  The lead picture in the article was of Alice Eve, a delightful actress with whom I worked on Crossing Over. Alice had more nudity in that film than you would ever imagine. She performed like a real trooper.

Many people have asked me to write an article on dealing with nudity. It’s a touchy subject, and you can’t really be anecdotal in talking about it for fear of compromising actors’ trust and anonymity… but after today’s article (and a little encouragement) I decided to do it. I will be careful to not use any names, so as not to embarrass anyone.

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20th Century Props Auction Starts Tomorrow!

Would you like a hand with that chair??

Would you like a hand with that chair??

Okay guys, the auction of 20th Century Props’ stock begins tomorrow. You can bid online, or show up in person. Today is preview day. You can pick up a bed of nails, a guillotine, some cool furniture, lots of Art Deco stuff, old signs, pool tables, taxidermy, and even a four-foot-tall cheeseburger. I will be covering the event tomorrow, so stay tuned for more stories from the auction!! It should be epic.



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