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Halloween 2013!


It’s that magical, special time of year, Frocktalkers!  Halloween is almost upon us.  My email inbox is starting to fill up with requests and questions, so I thought I might just cut to the chase with a list of costumes for 2013 that are sure to be a hit at your workplace, party, or trick-or-treating adventure.  In case this is not enough for you, you can see previous years’ lists HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Get your credit cards ready, because I have purchasing links and everything.  And none of it has anything to do with looking like a slut-bag and sacrificing your dignity on some kind of man-made Whoreloween altar.  Here we go:

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Spotlight On: Shoshana Rubin!

Many an aspiring costume designer has wondered how to get started in this business.  Many a costumer has wondered how to transition into costume design.  Shoshana Rubin is one of those people who has made the transition.  She’s a lovely gal, and I thought you all might like to hear her story – might give you some ideas and inspiration!  Read on~

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Young Frocktalkers: Take Note!

Now, you know I am not a huge fan of giant corporations.  I am an advocate for the small business owner, and I will always seek out a mom-and-pop store before succumbing to a corporate giant.  However, the corporate giants sometimes offer some interesting incentives… and they can do this precisely because they are big and well-funded.  Here is a good example: if you are between the ages of 14 – 19, you could win $50,000 cash for college through Jo-Ann Fabric’s 2010 prom contest.

Here’s the deal: you make your dress and an accessory using fabric and other products from Jo-Ann.  You take three pictures of the completed ensemble, submit your receipts for the fabric purchase (must be from Jo-Ann’s), and get it all turned in to Jo-Ann’s by 6-15-10.  Finalists will be notified by 7-2-10.  Think about it – in this horrid economy, if you are a crafty mo-fo, you could get some big bucks for college, which would undoubtedly be very helpful.

The small print: you have to be a U.S. resident to participate, and the offer is void in Maryland and Vermont.  It’s a pretty great opportunity, so good luck to all of you!!


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