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Sandy Powell Dishes on Designing YOUNG VICTORIA at the Getty!

Photo: Charlie Fonville

Deborah Nadoolman Landis (L) and Sandy Powell.  Photo: Charlie Fonville

“Dress is a trifling matter…but it gives also the one outward sign from which people in general can and often do judge upon the inward state of mind and feeling of a person.”  — Queen Victoria, 1858

By Lauren Fonville

The indomitable Queen Victoria, England’s longest-reigning monarch was on everybody’s mind on Sunday as visitors flooded the Getty Center’s new exhibit, A Royal Passion: Queen Victoria and Photography in Los Angeles.

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HUGO: Interview With Designer Sandy Powell!

HUGO is a movie, ostensibly for kids, directed by Martin Scorsese.  I say ostensibly, because it’s a very nostalgic piece that is also quite appealing for adults.  The film is about an orphaned child, Hugo, who lives in a train station, and the grumpy old man he befriends.  That old man, George Méliès, just happens to be a former pioneer filmmaker, now broken and on the skids.  The movie is a visual delight, and I was lucky enough to be able to talk with costume designer Sandy Powell about her wonderful work in this film.  Read on!

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Awardsapalooza 2009/10 – The BAFTA Winner!

Congratulations to Sandy Powell on her BAFTA win for The Young Victoria!  This is a great kickoff to the next few weeks for Powell, who returns to LA to receive the Lacoste Career Achievement in Film award at the CDG awards event on Thursday, and then attends the Oscars the following week.  Congratulations to Sandy and her Young Victoria crew – and good luck with the rest of awards season!


Sandy Powell – Interview by Anna Wyckoff

I ran into the lovely and talented Anna Wyckoff at the FIDM event, and she told me about this interview she conducted with Sandy Powell (The Young Victoria).  It’s posted on the Costume Designers Guild website, and it is a great one!!  Good job, Anna!


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