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Awardsapalooza 2009/10: The Academy Award Nominations!

Good morning, Frocktalkers!  The Academy Award nominations have been announced, and the following films have been nominated for excellence in costume design:

Bright Star – Janet Patterson
Coco Before Chanel – Catherine Leterrier
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – Monique Prudhomme
Nine – Colleen Atwood
The Young Victoria – Sandy Powell

Congratulations to the nominees!  The Academy Awards take place on Sunday, March 7, 2010.  Stay tuned!


Awardsapalooza 2009/10: Bring on the Screeners!

Ohhh, the screeners are starting to arrive in our mailboxes.  Yes, as one of the benefits of Costume Designer’s Guild membership, we receive DVD screeners in the mail from studios hungry for awards, or at minimum, nominations.  We don’t get as many screeners as, say, the Producers’ Guild, or the Academy, but we do get a few.  I opened my mailbox today, and found A Serious Man, Funny People, Star Trek, and Bruno.  I must say, it feels like my birthday, all these gifts.  But the studios are savvy.  Think about it – if you are too busy working to get to a theater for a screening, you can at least see the film in the comfort of your own home.  We have had plenty of theatrical screening opportunities, and I will bet you $500 that those are the films that will be nominated for CDG awards and Academy Awards.  People are more inclined to nominate a show if a) they’ve seen it, b) they’ve seen it recently, and c) they’ve seen it for free.  Stay tuned for more Awardsapalooza as the DVDs roll in.  And have a great week!


Awardsapalooza: Some Perspective

I have been meaning to write this for some time now – it has been busy in my world.  I am doing a small film project, and sometimes these kinds of projects can suck up disproportionate amounts of time.  I think it is important, during this time of hoopla and craziness, to stop and think about what it all really means.

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