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RIP, Nolan Miller: 1933 – 2012

Nolan Miller and his Dynasty ladies

Nolan Miller and his Dynasty ladies

Raise your shoulder pads and lower the veils on your hats, Frocktalkers.  This is a big one.  Nolan Miller, costume design icon, has left the building.  Mr. Miller was a driving force behind the use of big ole shoulder pads in the 1980s, thanks in part to his incredible and fantastic work on Dynasty.  The contribution that he made to our cultural environment in this time period can not be underestimated.  His appreciation of the female shape – and the way he decorated it – influenced fashion houses all over the world.  Nolan Miller defined a certain kind of glamour for this era, and I hope that his talent and skill will be appreciated for a long time to come.  Rest in peace, Nolan Miller… and thanks for raising the bar.

NY Times Obit HERE


R.I.P., The Wiz 1947 – 2011

Mike Norman, aka "The Wiz", with his lovely wife Debbie.
Mike Norman, aka “The Wiz”, with his lovely wife Debbie at the 2011 CDG Awards.

Dear Frocktalkers, it is with heavy heart that I tell you of the passing of one of our industry’s best friends. Mike Norman, AKA “the Wiz” has lost his battle with cancer. He passed away on Thursday, November 10, 2011, and we will miss him forever.

I was lucky enough to have known him for many years. He was a very intelligent person, philosophical in nature, and a self-admitted “dirty old man”. He was never gross about it – he was the playful, light-hearted, irreverent whippersnapper to the end – charming, witty, and always thought provoking. My heart is breaking for his family.

Beyond his charismatic personality, he was a gifted artist on our behalf. The Wiz, with his Wizard Screen Printing, helped so many of us meet our deadlines with beautiful results. The Wiz would turn things around on a dime, fix other peoples’ bad work, generally saving the day with a growl and a grin.

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R. I. P., Theadora Van Runkle

Theadora Van Runkle's exquisite work in Bonnie and Clyde

Theadora Van Runkle's exquisite work in Bonnie and Clyde

Another sad passing in our field – costume legend Theadora Van Runkle left us on Friday; she was 83 fabulous years old.  Best known for her excellent work on Bonnie and Clyde and the original Thomas Crown Affair, Theadora leaves a rich design legacy for all of us – inspiration to do our very best work.  Our thoughts go out to her family and friends.  Read the LA Times’ thoughtful obit HERE. NY Times obit HERE.  Variety obit HERE.  She will be greatly missed.


Rest in Peace, Polly Platt

Polly Platt's beautiful work on THE LAST PICTURE SHOW

Polly Platt's beautiful work on THE LAST PICTURE SHOW

Boy, this is some sad news.  Costume designer, Production designer, and ultimately, producer Polly Platt has passed away at 72.  Among her long list of credits (including an Academy Award nomination for Art Direction/Terms of Endearment), she designed costumes and sets for the magnificent The Last Picture Show, which was one of the first reviews I posted on this site.  Her talent will continue to be an inspiration to all of us.  Thank you, Polly, and rest in peace.

More info from Deadline Hollywood


Theoni V. Aldredge, 1932 – 2011

The costume community is mourning another loss – Oscar-winning costume legend Theoni V. Aldredge sadly passed away on Friday. Aldredge won her award for The Great Gatsby, but she designed countless other influential projects, including Moonstruck, Ghostbusters, The Rose, Eyes of Laura Mars, and Network. She was also a Tony-winning designer for numerous Broadway productions. Her influence will continue to reverberate among our community. Condolences to all of her friends and family. Her keen eye and enormous talent will be sorely missed.



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