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Sleepy Hollow: Ask the Costume Department


Welcome to the first installment of “Ask the Costume Department”.  We here at Sleepy Hollow get a lot of questions about a lot of things, and I thought it might be nice to take your questions and answer them in a public forum, once a week.  If you have questions that you’d like to have answered, please tweet them to me @frocktalk with the hashtag #shcostumes.  I will do my best to answer between five and ten questions every Monday here on Frocktalk.com, so let ‘er rip, Sleepyheads!  Here are the first questions:

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Breaking News: Costume Designers Guild Election Results


Breaking news: The Costume Designers Guild (IATSE, Local 892) announced today that film and television Costume Designer Salvador Perez has been elected president.  Long time Costume Designers Guild member Cate Adair of “Desperate Housewives” fame has been elected vice president and Assistant Costume Designer Brigitta Romanov has retained her position as Assistant Costume Designers representative.

The Guild also disclosed new board members, delegates and trustees that include: Executive Board Members Christopher Lawrence and Mary Vogt, with Alternate Board Members Kristin Burke and Jennifer Soulages; Trustees Jacqueline Saint Anne, Cliff Chally and Barbara Inglehart, with Dorothy Amos as the alternate. Delegates are Rachael Stanley, Sharon Day, Jacqueline Saint Anne, Cliff Chally, Betty Madden, Frank Helmer, Dana Woods and Monique Long.

New President Salvador Perez has served on the board of the Costume Designers Guild (IATSE, Local 892) for nine years. He previously served as the organization’s vice president, head of the member directory, and is currently in charge of the Guild’s website activities.  Perez has worked in both film and television and is currently the Costume Designer for “The Mindy Project.”

It’s a new day at the Guild, folks – it will be interesting to see what happens next.  Stay tuned, and congrats to all!



Milking the Cash Cow

Here is a fairly disturbing article from the NY Times for you.  It explains what is happening in our industry in terms of the deals being made for product placement.  Product placement is the process of using goods, brands, logos or identifiable products in a film in exchange for some kind of compensation (like free products or services, or a lump-sum of cash).    On one hand, product placement can be very helpful on a small film.  You don’t have the money to buy everything you need (let’s say, to outfit a football team), so you hook up with an athletic-gear company and they donate everything you need… in exchange for their logo being seen prominently in frame on the actors.  That’s fair.

What’s NOT fair (to anyone with even a speck of artistic integrity) is hiring a lawyer to rewrite a script in order to facilitate these deals.  I’ll be honest, this article made me want to barf – in solidarity with every writer, director and creative department head I have ever known.  It’s sad, kids.



Fans of Glittery-Skinned Blood-Suckers Invade Westwood!

Okay, so I am all for being a movie fan. But this? This is nuts!! Since last Wednesday, 11-11-09, people have started to line up on the streets of Westwood for the Twilight: New Moon premiere. The premiere is tonight, Monday 11-16-09. These people are not waiting in line for tickets. No, they are waiting in line just to get a glimpse of their favorite actors as they walk the red carpet. Some might call this folly; others might call it devotion. I call it amazing, so I took some pictures to share with you.

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NY Times article: The Demise of ‘Moneyball’

Hello Frocktalk readers.  I came upon this article in the New York Times this morning, about Sony Pictures pulling the plug on the yet-to-be-shot Brad Pitt movie Moneyball.  The film is about baseball, and Steven Soderbergh was to direct.  The lovely Shoshana Rubin was designing the costumes.  Sony decided to halt production just days away from shooting, and the story explains why.  I thought this article was relevant because it demonstrates the atmosphere in which we find ourselves these days.  Producers and financiers are getting increasingly skittish, in a time where we all thought the pace of production would pick back up.  Read on:



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