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Jayne Seward Talks with Academy Award Nominees

Frocktalker and friend Jayne Seward talks with Academy Award nominees Colleen Atwood, Jenny Beavan and Mary Zophres over at apparelnews.net.  Check it out – it’s a wonderful interview!  Good going, Jayne!!!


Talking with Mary Zophres, Costume Designer of True Grit

Mary Zophres has had an amazing career, designing some of the most iconic costumes in recent memory – Jeff Lebowski, anyone? She has finally been recognized with an Academy Award nomination for her brilliant work on True Grit. This longtime Coen Brothers collaborator opens up about the details of that project, and what it means to make her Greek dad a superstar back home.

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Awardsapalooza 2011! Oscar Nominations!

Academy Awards nominations for outstanding achievement in costume design are out!  Here are the nominees:

Alice in Wonderland, Colleen Atwood
I Am Love, Antonella Cannarozzi
The King’s Speech, Jenny Beavan
The Tempest, Sandy Powell
True Grit, Mary Zophres

Congratulations, everyone!!  The 83rd annual Academy Awards show will air on worldwide TV live on Sunday, February 27, 2011.  Stay tuned and best wishes to the nominees!


Awardsapalooza 2011 – The BAFTA Nominations!

This just in – Nominations have been announced for the 2011 BAFTA Awards for Outstanding Costume Design.  Here they are:

· ALICE IN WONDERLAND – Colleen Atwood

· BLACK SWAN – Amy Westcott

· THE KING’S SPEECH – Jenny Beavan

· MADE IN DAGENHAM – Louise Stjernsward

· TRUE GRIT – Mary Zophres

Congratulations to all the nominees on their beautiful work!!!  Party time!!  The BAFTA awards will be presented on Sunday, February 13, 2011.  Good luck, everyone!


True Grit Costume Vignette with Mary Zophres!

Hi Frocktalkers! I am not exactly sure who created this lovely video about the costumes from True Grit – there are no credits – but it is informative and fun to watch. I loved the movie, and the costumes, and I thought you might enjoy watching this!


The Big Lebowski: Synopsis

Review Date: 5-23-10

Release Date: 3-6-98

Runtime: 117 min.

Period: early 1990s

Costume designer: Mary Zophres

The Big Lebowski is a film about mistaken identity, but really it all boils down to a soiled rug. There is The Dude (Jeffrey Lebowski, played by Jeff Bridges) and there is the Big Lebowski (Jeffrey Lebowski, played by David Huddleston). Their worlds could not be further apart – The Dude being a grade-A slacker, and The Big Lebowski being a millionaire. It is this divide and juxtaposition that makes the film interesting.

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The Big Lebowski – KB’s Thoughts

Review Date: 5-23-10

Release Date: 3-6-98

Runtime: 117 min.

Period: early 1990s

Costume designer: Mary Zophres

This movie is brilliantly designed in that the characters are concisely and efficiently illustrated. These characters are clearly defined from the beginning, and their costumes tell us exactly who they are from the moment we meet them. In this sense, they are archetypes, strongly drawn and easily recognized. For a movie as wacky and all over the place as The Big Lebowski, the visual simplicity of these characters helps the audience to stay engaged.

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Awardsapalooza: SATURN AWARDS

Congratulations to Mary Zophres, who won a SATURN Award (handed out last night by the Academy of Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films) for her costume design in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a film that had been largely overlooked by critics and awards ceremonies, but was not overlooked here.  That, friends, is a triumph!! It is so good to see Mary recognized for her work – CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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