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Catching up… and Links!

Hey Frocktalkers!! It’s starting to get bananas around here – holiday season is in full swing, and I’ve just started a new job. I’ve been posting cool articles about costumes like crazy on Twitter – follow me @Frocktalk – and I am going to recap some of the highlights here for you now.

Nice article about the design of CLOUD ATLAS

Interesting – Food Network’s new show features costume designers, airing 12-30-12 at 8P/7C – the show is called SUGAR DOME!! I want to see a cake dress!!!  Looks like fun.

LA Times piece about Deborah Nadoolman Landis’ new book about Hollywood Costume Sketches – it’s a beautiful book, BTW!

Beautiful article about Deborah Nadoolman Landis – advocate for costumes!

LA Times article about costumes in the Awards-contending films

Another LA Times article (Go, LAT!) about costumes becoming fashion trends…   (continued after the jump)

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LA Times Interview with Colleen Atwood, Designer of Dark Shadows

Nice glossy piece about Colleen Atwood’s work on Dark Shadows in the LA Times – she talks 1970s costumes.  This was very interesting to me, since I just wrapped a film set in 1971!  Read on about where she sourced her fabrics!


Hunger Games Story/LA Times: They’re COSTUMES, Not Fashion.

While it pains me to have mainstream media refer to costumes from film as FASHION, I am passing this link along to all of you because the interview with costume designer Judianna Makovsky is very interesting.  Her work on The Hunger Games looks beautiful, but for Pete’s sake, LA Times… we create characters with COSTUMES, not fashion.  Don’t make me come over there and lecture you.  Read the article HERE!


Film Flight From California

Many productions are bailing from California.

Many productions are bailing from California.

If you are a California resident working in the film industry, and have been at least semi-conscious for the past decade, you probably noticed the marked attenuation in the number of jobs here in town.  Initially, people called it Runaway Production, with films packing off to Canada to shoot because it was so much cheaper (the exchange rate was in our favor, and the Canadian government was offering tax incentives).  Then, other states in our fine country took the idea and ran with it, offering big tax incentives to filmmakers.  States like Michigan, New Mexico, the Carolinas, Florida and Louisiana jumped into the fray, and had great success in luring production to their areas.  Today’s LA Times has a story illustrating the predicament now faced by Californian filmmakers.  Check it out HERE.

And stay tuned for more Comic Con info!!


Biting the Big Fat Hand that Feeds?

Hello, faithful Frocktalkers!  I have been so underwater with work; I apologize for my lack of posts.  Hopefully in a few weeks I will be free to bring you more reviews, insight, and fodder.  In the meantime, I will give you this article from the LA Times, about the rich getting richer in this sucky economy.  That’s right.  Hollywood enjoys the biggest box office returns EVER, and studios cut their budgets, financing “dries up”, etc.  Seems like fried logic, right?  Well, read on.

Have a great week, and I look forward to bringing you more Frocktalking good times soon!


From Da Ali G Show to Da Gallery

From the Guy Hepner Gallery

From the Guy Hepner Gallery

From the LA Times comes a great article about an art show featuring the work of costume designer Jason Alper.  Alper is best known as the costume designer for Da Ali G Show, Borat and Bruno.  His satirical works are on display from April 17 – May 17 at the Guy Hepner Gallery, 300 N. Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, CA.  Here’s the article from the LA Times – it sounds dope!  Respek!


LA Times interview with Colleen Atwood: Alice!

Hello everyone!  It’s getting busy in my world – I have so many interviews yet to share with you, so please be patient as I get to them when I can.  I found THIS ARTICLE in the LA Times this morning – a very nice interview with Colleen Atwood about her beautiful work on Alice in Wonderland.  This is really a must-see movie for costumes, and if I’m lucky, I will twist the arm of Maggie (from The Costumer’s Guide) into doing a brief “dueling banjos” on the subject.  A chat, at minimum!  Have a great day, Frocktalkers, and enjoy the article!


Dribs and Drabs: Articles for your Perusal

Here’s an interesting article from the LA Times Magazine.  Freddie Lieba, described as a “fashion pundit”, tells reporter Robin Sayers about his 22 favorite gowns in film.  An eclectic selection, for sure!  The good news is that the costume designers are listed by name in the article.  So often, they are not, so good on Robin Sayers!!

Frocktalk tipster Deborah submitted this article for all you fans of Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland.  Looks like you may be able to purchase some costume-inspired-dresses at a store near you very soon.  AND, maybe even some Stella-McCartney-designed/inspired-by-Alice jewelry.  But let’s not forget that Colleen Atwood designed the costumes in the first place, so I hope she is given some kind of credit in the marketing!


LA Times Coverage of FIDM’s Costume Exhibit

The Young Victoria

The Young Victoria

Frocktalk tipster Judith pointed out this lovely article from today’s LA Times.  It features interviews with two Academy-Award-nominated costume designers, Sandy Powell (The Young Victoria) and Colleen Atwood (Nine).  You can read it HERE!


Economic Downturn, Part 3: Cash Break Zero

The LA Times is running another extraordinary story today about shrinking salaries in Hollywood.  Work trickles in slowly here these days – many people are unemployed – and the rates that studios will pay is attenuating down to scale for some department heads.  Scale!!  The audacity!  It’s not just about actors’ salaries, and points on the gross, either.  Every strata of film worker is affected.  Read on…



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