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Adventures in Costuming: Film Festival Juror & Trunk Show!

One satisfied customer:  the CAT MAT

One satisfied customer: the CAT MAT

Hello Frocktalkers!  Just here to let you know about a few things.  I have been asked to be a juror at a film festival this week, so I will MISS the CDG Awards on Thursday.  Do not fear.  Frocktalk correspondents Anthony and Sarah will be handling coverage of the event, and I can’t wait to hear their stories!  As part of the film festival I’m attending, I will screen Running Scared (2006), a film I designed, with Q & A afterward.  It should be fun!  Along those lines, I was recently interviewed by Chris at Clothesonfilm.com about the film, and you can read those interviews HERE and HERE.  Lastly, while I am away, there is a trunk show happening on Sunday in Glendale, and my wares will be peddled there.  More after the jump!

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The Princess Bride: Maggie’s Review!

The Princess Bride has long been a favorite movie of mine. I even remember seeing it in the theater when it first came out! (And I was about Fred Savage’s character’s age back then!) Of course, that was long before I was into costuming, but this movie has a very charming look. In some ways it’s very fairytale, but I actually don’t think it’s as dated and 80s as some other things from the period. Buttercup’s hair isn’t teased up and hair sprayed, she doesn’t have bizarre makeup or shoulder pads, etc. 🙂
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The Princess Bride: KB’s Review

Review Date: 6-23-09
Release Date: 9-25-87
Runtime: 98 min.
Period: period-non-period, vaguely 14th – 16th century
Costume Designer: Phyllis Dalton

So, when Maggie and I were talking about the next review we might do together, we went back and forth about which film we should choose.  My taste in film is different (darker, bloodier and more violent) than Maggie’s, but certainly there are some common denominators.  When Maggie suggested The Princess Bride, I quickly accepted.  Because, like Inigo Montoya says to Westley during their swordfight, “I know something you don’t know – I am not left-handed!”

What Maggie doesn’t know is that I wrote my college thesis on The Princess Bride.
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Shameless Self-Promotion: DARK AND STORMY NIGHT!

Hi guys!!  DARK AND STORMY NIGHT, a movie I designed, is screening this Friday 5-29-09, at the Egyptian theater.  It is a campy 1930s whodunnit satire (directed by genius Larry Blamire) with some pretty unforgettable dialogue and performances.  …And the costumes ain’t bad (I made most of the ladies’ costumes with my own hands, gat-dammit!).  If you want to see a movie, but NOT one about aliens invading the earth, cars turning into robots, dinosaur skeletons coming to life, making fun of dance movies, angels or demons, klingons, dudes with blades coming out of their knuckles, Zac Efron, Matt McConaughey or Beyonce, then this is your movie.  It’s kind of like the movie “Clue”, just a lot funnier and better.  It’s silly, good fun – and yes, you can bring the kids – at least, if they can handle bloodless murder, YES, you can bring the kids.
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