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Sleepy Hollow: Ask the Costume Department, Part 3


Hello Frocktalkers and Sleepyheads!  Seeing as the season finale of Sleepy Hollow is upon us – TOMORROW NIGHT (1/20/14) at 8PM on FOX – I thought I might do one last quick “Ask the Costume Department” segment from your questions on Twitter.  Thank you so much for watching the show.  We worked so hard on it, and it’s so nice to hear from all of you.  Here we go:

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The Answer to Our Prayers?

I have been waiting for this day for a long time. An actor steps into a scanner, and the computer not only records their accurate measurements, but can also recommend clothing styles, brands and sizes that will fit the actor… and ALSO (and this is still just a dream) the computer will be able to draft patterns based on the actors shape and measurements.  What a dream!!!  Part of this is already coming true, thanks to scanning technology available at selected malls.  Right now, the application is mostly for finding the right jeans… but Frocktalkers, hear me now – in 25 years, we will be scanning actors and using these findings to do our work on a daily basis.  It is so exciting.  Read more HERE – and see if you can get in to one of these scanning machines for yourself (right now, you can – at Westfield Culver City, aka the Fox Hills Mall, and at Westfield Topanga, aka the Topanga Plaza Mall).  Enjoy!!!


Adventures in Costuming: Sales and Stuff!

This week, the big news is that the Fred Segal sale is on. At both locations (though they are not related) you will find merchandise on sale at about a 50% discount. The sale will run approximately two weeks, and at some point they may raise the ante, providing discounts of 75%.

For the uninitiated:

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