Welcome to FrockTalk, the web’s only costume-based movie review site. The goal of Frocktalk is to shed light on the magnificent artistry of costume design in motion pictures. Reviews on this site are written by working costume designers in the entertainment industry – people who know, better than anyone, what it takes to make it all happen. The focus of FrockTalk is not to comment on the big flashy costume dramas, but to call attention to the seemingly ordinary costume design work in film that silently and persuasively moves the audience toward understanding the characters. Costume design for motion pictures is an art form that deserves more recognition than it usually gets. Fancy, pretty costumes do not always equal effective, appropriate costumes. The art of the costume is in letting the audience know who the character is, before the actor even has a chance to open his mouth. Read on, and enjoy. ** CAUTION: ALL REVIEWS CONTAIN SPOILERS! **

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2012 Commencement Address

It’s cap and gown season, folks. I have been listening to sound bytes from all kinds of graduation and commencement addresses, and it made me think. I have never been asked to address a graduating class of any kind, but if I were asked, what would I say? After some careful thought, here is my commencement address to you, the graduating class of Frocktalk 2012.

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Tepid News for Recent College Grads

So, you think all of that extra schooling will pay off, right? Hm, maybe not, says the NY Times.  Read on for more info – but not all is gloom and doom.  Perseverance and hard work pay off.  If you want to succeed in this business you must work your BUTT OFF and never give up.

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