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Awardsapalooza 2012: The Emmys!

Congratulations to the 2012 Emmy nominees for outstanding achievement in costume design!!!  They are:

BOARDWALK EMPIRE (HBO): John Dunn, Costume Designer; Lisa Padovani, Co-Costume Designer; Maria Zamansky, Assistant Costume Designer

DOWNTON ABBEY (PBS): Susannah Buxton, Costume Designer

THE BORGIAS (SHO): Gabriella Pescucci, Costume Designer; Uliva Pizzetti, Costume Supervisor

GAME OF THRONES (HBO): Michele Clapton, Costume Designer; Alexander Fordham, Assistant Costume Designer; Chloe Aubry, Assistant Costume Designer

ONCE UPON A TIME (ABC): Eduardo Castro, Costume Designer; Monique McRae, Assistant Costume Designer

Congratulations and hats off to you!  See you on September 23rd for the Emmy show!  Good luck, everyone!


RIP, Nolan Miller: 1933 – 2012

Nolan Miller and his Dynasty ladies

Nolan Miller and his Dynasty ladies

Raise your shoulder pads and lower the veils on your hats, Frocktalkers.  This is a big one.  Nolan Miller, costume design icon, has left the building.  Mr. Miller was a driving force behind the use of big ole shoulder pads in the 1980s, thanks in part to his incredible and fantastic work on Dynasty.  The contribution that he made to our cultural environment in this time period can not be underestimated.  His appreciation of the female shape – and the way he decorated it – influenced fashion houses all over the world.  Nolan Miller defined a certain kind of glamour for this era, and I hope that his talent and skill will be appreciated for a long time to come.  Rest in peace, Nolan Miller… and thanks for raising the bar.

NY Times Obit HERE


Game of Thrones Interview: LA Times!

Hey there Frocktalkers – here is a very interesting article from the LA Times with costume designer Michele Clapton about her work on HBO’s Game of Thrones.  My takeaway from this:  They WEAVE THEIR OWN FABRIC on their own LOOM.  Intrigued yet?  Read the article HERE!


RIP, Ray Aghayan – Emmy, CDG Award Winner

Costume designer Ray Aghayan with Judy Garland

Costume designer Ray Aghayan with Judy Garland

Just received news from the Costume Designers Guild that Costume Designer extraordinare Ray Aghayan has passed away.  He designed loads of TV projects, including the Shirley Temple Theater, the Judy Garland Show, and the Academy Awards shows.  He designed films as well, including Funny Girl, Lady Sings the Blues, and 1967’s Doctor Dolittle.  He was nominated for Oscars, Emmys and even a Tony award.  His is a sad loss for the design community, and our thoughts are with our family and those who loved him.  Here is the word from the CDG:

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Creative Arts PrimeTime Emmy Winners 2011

Congratulations to the Emmy winning costume teams – awards were handed out last night, and here are the results!


SUSANNAH BUXTON, Costume Designer   CAROLINE MCCALL, Assistant Costume Designer

Downton Abbey (Masterpiece)  Part 1    PBS
GABRIELLA PESCUCCI, Costume Designer ULIVA PIZZETTI, Costume Supervisor
The Borgias SHOWTIME
Lucrezia’s Wedding


(Juried award: Possibility of one, more than one or no award). This is a juried award determined by a panel of judges from the Costumes peer group. Recommendation(s) from the jury are brought to the Board of Governors for ratification.
KATE CARIN, Costume Designer ABIGAIL METCALF, Costume Supervisor
Gettysburg HISTORY

AMANDA NEEDHAM, Costume Designer NIKI DIMITRAS, Costume Supervisor
Portlandia FARM

(source:  emmys.com)

Congratulations to these costume teams on their outstanding work!!


Primetime Emmy Nominations Announced!

Good morning, Frocktalkers!  Emmy nominations are out, and you can read all of the costume-related nods after the jump!!  Congrats to all!!!

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Michael Dennison: Gentle Into That Goodnight

It is with very heavy heart that I tell you the news of costume designer Michael Dennison’s passing.  I was having a hard time bringing myself to share this news because doing so would make it real, and none of us want this kind of news to be real.  Our costume community has lost a true gem – a man who, at the age of only 58, had garnered the respect of his peers and the admiration of audiences the world over for his extraordinary work.  He will be greatly missed.  Here are some articles from around the web about his life, and his passing.  RIP, Michael Dennison.

Here’s a lovely obit from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



More pictures of his work after the jump:

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Awardsapalooza 2010: The Emmys

The Creative  Arts Emmy Awards were held Saturday night, and big congratulations go out to costume designers Joan Bergin (The Tudors) and Jenny Beavan (Return to Cranford) for their wins!!  Full list of winners HERE at The Envelope!


LA Times: Tudors/Mad Men/Glee

Great article today in the LA Times by featuring interviews with costume designers Joan Bergin (The Tudors), Janie Bryant (Mad Men) and Lou Eyrich (Glee).  Check it out HERE!


Lou Eyrich: In Her Own Words

Frocktalk reporters Anthony and Sarah interviewed GLEE’s costume designer Lou Eyrich on the red carpet at the CDG Awards – she gives them sage advice, and she even remembers a very special BG extra she helped dress. AND she won the CDG Award for Glee later that evening!  Congrats, Lou!

If you can’t see the embed, watch it HERE on YouTube!  Remember, if you are using Internet Explorer, you will not be able to see Frocktalk in all of its good-time glory!  DOWNLOAD FIREFOX FOR FREE! You will like it much better, I swear.


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