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892/705 Artisan Bazaar: SUNDAY!!!

Hey Frocktalkers!  If you’re in town on Sunday, please stop by the Artisan Bazaar hosted by the Costume Designers Guild!  I will have a booth there, and will be selling all kinds of things, including quilts, pantyhampers, jewelry, sketches and paintings!  Chachi and I will be there from 9A – 3P, and we look forward to seeing you!  Get a jump on your holiday shopping!!


2011 CDG Awards – Video and pictures

Lou Eyrich, Contemporary TV winner for GLEE

Lou Eyrich, Contemporary TV winner for GLEE

Hey there, Frocktalkers!  I was able to shoot (grainy, poor-quality) video of the acceptance speeches, tribute speeches, etc., and I thought you might like to see (hear) them!  Really, these are more for the words than for the pictures.  It was such a lovely night, and I am excited to share it with you!  Read on!

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Awardsapalooza 2009/10: Get Your Ballots In!

Nomination ballots for the Costume Designers Guild awards are due on Thursday, January 21 – so that means PUT THEM IN THE MAIL TODAY if you want your vote to count!  There have been some great films this year, and I hope that you have seen enough of them to make an informed decision!  Happy voting!


Awardsapalooza 2009/10 – Nomination Ballots are Circulating!

OK, so it’s award season here in LA. And as I stated for the record last year, we should not put too much stock in awards. Art is not quantitative; it is subjective – how can you really say that one piece is “better” than another? It’s a quandary.

So it was with great interest, of course, that I opened my nominating ballots for this year’s CDG Awards. If you ask me, the CDG award is the one that means the most – this is an award given by our peers and only our peers. WE know how hard it is to do the job. WE know half/most/all of your crew and heard the war stories. We get it. Therefore, there is a more substantial appreciation for the effort.

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Robert Turturice, Rest In Peace

Oh, I have some sad, sad news.  Former Costume Designers Guild president Robert Turturice passed away on Tuesday, December 15, 2009.  He was a kind and gentle man, and he will be greatly missed.  He was the CDG president when I was admitted to the Guild, and his warm demeanor made me feel very much at home.  His magnificent work won him a Primetime Emmy (for the TV series Moonlighting), and many nominations for other awards, including the BAFTA in 1998 for Batman and Robin.  Bob designed Pee-wee Herman’s Christmas Special (pictured above) as well as Big Top Pee-wee, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, and the TV series Bosom Buddies, so you can imagine his sense of humor.  I am seriously sad to lose such a truly nice, friendly, talented and kind member of our design community.  My heart breaks for his family and friends.  Rest in peace, Bob.  Memorial services will be held in the new year.

Here is a REALLY NICE ARTICLE about his work on Moonlighting…


Being There – Sketches

Okay, so I am apologizing for not posting a review yet – it has been a crazy week, and an even crazier weekend.  Look for something special this coming weekend, though – another tag-team effort with Maggie from The Costumer’s Guide!!  In the meantime, I will tell you that I was shocked to find these sketches from Being There in the lobby of our very own Costume Designers Guild, IATSE Local 892!

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Awardsapalooza: CDG Masters Mentoring Panel Breakfast!

Marilyn Vance, Van Ramsey and Hope Hanafin

Marilyn Vance, Van Ramsey and Hope Hanafin

This morning, the Costume Designers Guild hosted a breakfast panel discussion with some of the winners, nominees and honorees of the 2009 CDG awards.  It was really great!  I am working on multimedia presentations to post here to Frocktalk, and I think they are going to be pretty great when they are finished.  For the record, my new favorite person is Michael O’Connor, costume designer of The Duchess.  He just might turn into your new favorite person, too!  Stay tuned for the multimedia posts in the coming week!  And thanks to Valerie Laven-Cooper and to Hope Hanafin for getting this event together – it was lovely!!!


Cool Stuff: The Costume Designers Guild Magazine!

The beautiful Costume Designers Guild Award statuettes

The beautiful Costume Designers Guild Award statuettes

Today I received my quarterly CDG magazine, The Costume Designer, another benefit of membership in IATSE local 892.  This magazine is beautiful, people.  It’s glossy, it smells good, it has great pictures and stories, and this time, there are interviews with all of the designers up for the CDG awards.  Yeee haw!
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