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Comic Con: Day One

Comic Con kicked off with a bang today.  The exhibition hall was again wall-to-wall people, clamoring for glimpses of the newest, coolest, and most hard-to-find bits of popular culture.  Arriving at 12:30 – yes, late, I know, but I missed my train – I strolled the convention center floor in pursuit of good stories to share with you, Frocktalk readers.  And let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

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Comic Con: How To, Without Losing Your Mind or Anything Else.

Comic Con can either be totally fun or a complete nightmare.  It’s all about how you approach it.  This is my third year at Comic Con, and I have learned a few things over these years that can make it better for everyone.  Here are my top ten tips toward making your Comic Con experience more enjoyable.
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Comic Con: Preview Day!

OK, so today was the “preview” day/night of Comic Con.  Let me tell you, it was overrun with people, already.  The line just to pick up passes was a quarter-mile long, no joke.  But the best thing happened when I was walking up to the convention center.  That’s when I saw THIS GUY:

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Comic Con – the rumblings of madness begin…

Hello Frocktalk readers!  It is Wednesday of Comic Con week, and that can mean only one thing: kick-off party!!  I will be covering all of Comic Con, starting tonight, trying to give you the best (costume-intensive) coverage I can.  I will be posting at night when I get home, so stand by for pictures and stories of mayhem.  If you haven’t checked out the schedule, take a look at it HERE, and if there is something special you’d like me to cover, hit me back and I will do my best.


Comic Con 2009 Schedule complete!

Hello, beloved friends of Frocktalk.  The schedule for Comic Con 2009 is now official, and online.  CLICK HERE TO SEE SCHEDULE.  There are so many events planned for each day, you will have to scroll to the bottom to access Friday, Saturday and Sunday (on different pages).

Since many of you do not live in Southern California, and can’t attend Comic Con, let me be your eyes and ears.  Take a look at the schedule, and tell me what you’d like to see me cover.  I will do my very best to get pictures and a story for you, and post it here during the Con!  Just leave a comment and I will start making a list.


Comic Con Friday Schedule!!

Hello Frocktalk readers!!  Here is the FRIDAY SCHEDULE for Comic Con – it’s Star Wars Day!!!  Look for Frocktalkers walking around wearing tshirts emblazoned with the special Frocktalk/Comic Con logo (above).  More news as it becomes available!!


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