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2011 CDG Awards Winners Announced!

Amy Westcott, winner of the Contemporary Film category for BLACK SWAN!

Amy Westcott, winner of the Contemporary Film category for BLACK SWAN!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just come from the CDG Awards, and I am pleased to announce to you the winners!  Here they are, in order of their announcement:

Contemporary TV:  Lou Eyrich, GLEE

Period/Fantsy TV:  John Dunn & Lisa Padovani, BOARDWALK EMPIRE

TV Movie/Miniseries:  Cindy Evans, TEMPLE GRANDIN

Commercial:  Aude Bronson Howard, CHANEL

Period Film:  Jenny Beavan, THE KING’S SPEECH

Fantasy Film:  Colleen Atwood, ALICE IN WONDERLAND

Contemporary Film:  Amy Westcott, BLACK SWAN

Congratulations to all of tonight’s nominees and special award winners, including Julie Weiss, Halle Berry and Joel Schumacher.  It was a fab event, and I am going to upload pictures and video for you in a few minutes!  It was an epic night.


Awardsapalooza 2009/10: The César Awards

Bon soir, Frocktalkers. I am a little bit late getting this news for you, but since it’s come all the way from France, I hope you can forgive me. The nominations for Best Costume Design have landed for the César Awards (given by the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma, the French “Oscar”). Congratulations to the following designers and their crews (designers’ names link to their imdB profile)!

Coco Before ChanelCatherine Leterrier

Coco Chanel and Igor StravinskyChattoune & Fab

MicmacsMadeline Fontaine

OSS 117: Lost in RioCharlotte David

A ProphetVirginie Montel

The César Awards take place on February 27, and will probably be aired at some point on TV5MONDE; check your local listings! Good luck to all the nominees!


Very Very Chic’s Coverage of the FIDM-TV Exhibit!


very very chic!

very very chic!

Hi there, Frocktalkers.  My friend Jayne over at Very Very Chic has posted coverage of this past weekend’s exhibit at FIDM:  The Art of Television Costume Design.  Check it out HERE – full coverage, with lots of pictures, including TV movies like Coco Chanel and Grey Gardens, shows like The Tudors, Dancing with the Stars, the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, and Project Runway.  Nice job, Jayne!!

— KMB 

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