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ComicCon 2014 is Fast Approaching!


It’s getting to be that time again, Frocktalkers –  ComicCon 2014 is almost upon us.  This year, I am honored to be on a couple of panels sponsored by the Costume Designers Guild, and if you care to join us (and you SHOULD, because these panels are AWESOME), here is some more information!  Long & short of it:  Thursday at 5P, Friday at 1P, and Saturday at 11A, in room 23ABC – but read on!!

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What a Costume Designer Does!

Hello Frocktalkers, and happy weekend!!  The “This is what I do” meme has been making the rounds, and this gem came across my desk today.  Thought you all might appreciate it.  It’s good to laugh at ourselves, non?  Things are getting busy here with work – the crunch time is upon me!  But stay tuned for more news and info.  Have a great weekend!


Dear Kristin: To Rep or Not To Rep?

Legendary talent agent Swifty Lazar

Legendary talent agent Swifty Lazar

Dear Kristin: I have been in the business for a few years, and started styling commercials recently. I am considering looking for an agent in order to be able to branch out with work, at least with commercials (though of course I’d rather do movies). What are your thoughts? Would it help me? I have heard from various people that their agents take anywhere from 10-30% (approx. 30% was from a makeup artist friend who also does a lot of print/fashion work). What do your agents take? Do you think it would be worth it for me?

Thanks, E.

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Tepid News for Recent College Grads

So, you think all of that extra schooling will pay off, right? Hm, maybe not, says the NY Times.  Read on for more info – but not all is gloom and doom.  Perseverance and hard work pay off.  If you want to succeed in this business you must work your BUTT OFF and never give up.

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Spotlight On: Shoshana Rubin!

Many an aspiring costume designer has wondered how to get started in this business.  Many a costumer has wondered how to transition into costume design.  Shoshana Rubin is one of those people who has made the transition.  She’s a lovely gal, and I thought you all might like to hear her story – might give you some ideas and inspiration!  Read on~

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April Ferry: A Positive Outlook Goes A Long Way

The delightful and talented April Ferry

The delightful and talented costume designer April Ferry

by Sarah Schuessler, special correspondent to Frocktalk.com

It is illuminating to hear about any costume designer’s process, but it’s especially exciting when you are a fan of the project too. HBO’s Rome is a favorite of mine, and I had the privilege of chatting with its lovely designer, April Ferry, about her experience.

AF: Rome was not only my favorite project I’ve ever done, it is my favorite work I’ve ever done, actually. I’ve done more than forty movies. And even though I only mostly do features, Rome was just—because I got to do it from the ground up. We did the research; we did everything. We made every single costume.

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