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Filmjackets.com Interview with Yours Truly


Hey there, Frocktalkers – Happy FRIDAY!  Here’s a little interview you can read on your phone while you are stuck in traffic on the 101 on your way home from work.  Our friend Rick over at Filmjackets.com interviewed me for his site, and I thought you might find it interesting, or maybe hilarious, or maybe it will make you want to punch me in the face.  I don’t know.  I hope you don’t want to punch me in the face, but I can’t control that.  OMG, is it the weekend yet?!  I am fried!!  INTERVIEW HERE  Enjoy, and have a great weekend, everyone!!


20 Years of Costume Design!

Hello, Frocktalkers! Yesterday, I celebrated the 20th anniversary of being hired as a costume designer on a feature film. I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly; it seems impossible. Back then, I was just a young university graduate with a dream – I came to LA not knowing a soul in the industry, but I scrapped and I hustled and I made it happen. I want to sincerely thank producers Holly Keenan, Scott Levy and Mike Elliott for the communication error that eventually lead to my hiring on that film, The Skateboard Kid (you can read all about it in my book Costuming for Film). I’d also like to thank director Larry Swerdlove and producer Roger Corman for not finding out about it and firing me. It’s been a long, arduous, crazy and fun journey, and it feels really satisfying to still be here with most of my sanity intact, surrounded by great friends and still enjoying the work.

Along those lines, I thought you might find the following reading material quite interesting:

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Shameless Self-Promotion: Seeking a Friend!

Frocktalkers, I am so happy to let you know that a movie for which I designed costumes is coming out today, Friday the 22nd June!  I hope you have a moment to see it – I think it’s so sweet and poignant… a nice antidote to big summer shoot-em-up blockbusters.  Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks in advance for your support!!


The Most Sincere Form of Flattery

Halloween time is soon approaching, Frocktalkers.  Articles are popping up on the web about DIY theme parties and costumes.  This article came across my desk this morning, and it was like WOW!  When you make a movie, you have no sense of how it will reach its audience.  We often make movies and walk away, only to see them released later.  We shrug our shoulders like, “Ok, that was good.”  But this is, for me, a new level.  I made those costumes with my own hands; it was such a small film.  So thanks, Jeannieinabottle, you have made my week!


I will be posting some good costume ideas the first week of October for you, and they will not include any from my own films!  Sorry Sex Drive fans, you can’t rent a Señor Donut costume anywhere!!  😉


Shameless Self-Promotion: INSIDIOUS!

Hello Frocktalkers!  It is with great excitement and glee that I let you know about a film I designed called Insidious!  It opens tonight, 4-1-11, across this country, and I hope that you can see it!  I was lucky enough to work with a delightful and talented crew on this film, and I am so proud of what we were able to accomplish.  It is very, VERY scary, but it’s rated PG-13, so you can take your teen kids.  Check out the website for the film, and thanks for your support!!  Enjoy the movie!!


And Now, a Break From Awards Season!

Hello, Frocktalkers!  Now that we’ve all had a moment to breathe after the big awards season push, I have some new things for you!  First, I have written another book – this time, a cookbook.  It’s a benefit for my friend, production designer John Johnson, who is battling pancreatic cancer.  He is on a vegan diet, and I cooked up a ton of food for him, and thought, hey wait a second! And a cookbook was born.  If you are vegan, or want to try it, this is your book! Please spread the word – all proceeds go to John and his wife to defray medical costs.  Thanks in advance for your support!  It means a lot.



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