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Rosemary’s Baby – Chris’ Review!

Costume designer Anthea Sylbert was prolific following her work on Rosemary’s Baby (1968). Roman Polanski’s atmospheric horror was essentially her big break and, by her own admission, one of her toughest challenges too.

Rosemary’s Baby tells the story of young newlyweds Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse (Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes) who move into an apartment building that turns out to be a haven of witches lead by old timers Minnie and Roman Castevet (Ruth Gordon and Sidney Blackmer). On the promise of a big career, Guy allows the witches to impregnate Rosemary with the seed of the devil. Rosemary is left trapped and alone, surrounded by an evil conspiracy and forced to drop the spawn of Satan on her due date.

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Rosemary’s Baby – KB’s Review

Review Date: 12-29-09

Release Date: 6-12-68

Runtime: 136 min.

Period: Contemporary, 1965-1966

Costume Designer: Anthea Sylbert

Based on the 1967 novel by Ira Levin, Rosemary’s Baby is a story about a young couple that is (voluntarily, on the part of the husband, and unwittingly on the part of the wife) lured into a satanic cult. The wife, Rosemary (Mia Farrow) is unknowingly impregnated with Satan’s spawn, and she slowly figures out what is happening to her as the movie progresses. This film gave me nightmares last night. It’s pretty creepy. A warning: do not watch this film if you are pregnant!!

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Rosemary’s Baby: the CHAT!

Is it Sharon Tate in the coat or not?  Rumors have persisted for years.

Is it Sharon Tate in the coat or not? Rumors have persisted for years. I don't think so.

I sat down with Chris from Clothes on Film to discuss the costumes from Rosemary’s Baby. We got into Mary Quant, w*nkers, quilted robes and rude knitting. Read on!

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Happy Halloween & Sketch Collecting…

Irene Sharaff's sketch for Brigadoon

Irene Sharaff's sketch for Brigadoon

Happy Halloween, everyone.  This is officially OUR holiday, so have a blast tonight!!  I wanted to show you something that is pretty beautiful and amazing.  I am sorry I didn’t know about it earlier, but wanted to share it with you just the same.  Icollector had a huge auction of vintage costume sketches on their site recently.  You can see them here.  They had a ton of sketches from the likes of Walter Plunkett, Travis Banton, Irene, Anthea Sylbert, Valles, Edith Head, Travilla, Irene Sharaff, Orry Kelly and many more.  It is truly something to behold.


Have a happy and safe Halloween, Frocktalkers!!


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