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Who is that handsome dog?

Just a note about photo clearance for this site.  Who knew it was going to be so difficult?  I thought if I was promoting these films, it would not be hard to get studio approval for a few screen captures.  Well, I was wrong.

This is a non-profit, educational site, and yet… greed is greed.  Certain studios did NOT approve the use of any images – ANY IMAGES AT ALL – for their films.  Other studios want $500 PER PHOTO as a “usage fee”.  Ridonkyoulous.

My solution: put my dog Chachi to work.  Any time I can’t get studio approval for a photo or screen cap, you will see a rendering of the costume idea, in photoshop, with Chachi’s head where the person’s head would be.

You may ask: Kristin, why do you even bother getting permission?  Why don’t you just post your screen caps and see if they come after you?  The answer: I work for these people.  I don’t really want to piss off studios that might hire me later.  I don’t want to make my work life difficult because I used unlicensed images in my hobby/side-project.

So, now you understand my dilemma.  Asking permission means sometimes getting rejected.  In this case, getting rejected means that Chachi’s precious face gets some airtime.  And anyway isn’t he cute?

Look for Chachi tshirts in the FrockTalk SuperStore soon!


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