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Dear Kristin: Can You Pleats Help Me?

Dear Kristin:

I need your expert opinion on a very distressing matter. I have recently been defending pleats (which, rightly or wrongly, I enjoy having on my pants) and have been met strenuous resistance (actually, mocking). I know they aren’t fashionable but are they allowed? Or am I hopelessly out-of-touch? What are your thoughts on pleats for men?

I await your opinion and will be okay if I am wrong–‘cuz I know all styles come around again…I’ll be biding my time! Thanks!

– Dave from LA

OK, Dave, I am going to be honest with you.

Fashion is capricious. Trends pave the way for what people think is “acceptable” to wear. One man’s fashion trump is another man’s fashion faux pas. I have always contended that fashion is a matter of personal opinion.

That said, you don’t see a lot of pleated pants around these parts, except at Brooks Brothers, and most of those pants are sold to retirees. When I use pleated pants in a film these days, it is usually on someone old, conservative, or kind of behind-the-times. It is a creative choice on my part, and I am sorry that it is a less-than-flattering answer to your sincere question.

Should you still wear your pleated pants – YES, absolutely, if you love them and they make you feel good. And – NO, definitely not, if what you want to do is impress people with your hipness. Although, if they were purple plaid pleated pants, and you wore them with Chuck Taylors, a white t-shirt, cool sunglasses and a skinny tie, they would be hip. So, something to consider.


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