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CROSSING OVER: The Expansion Continues!

Yes, that’s right!  Eventually, Crossing Over will be screening in your area… eventually!!  And thanks to good word-of-mouth (probably), the film is expanding to even deeper corners of our great nation!  Good news for you, this week, if you live in the Southwest, or in Florida, or Texas!  I hope you enjoy the film – here are this week’s theaters (starting March 27, 2009):

* AMC Arizona Center 24 (Phoenix,AZ)
* AMC Cantera 30 (Warrenville,IL)
* AMC Cocowalk 16 (Coconut Grove,FL)
* AMC Grapevine Mills 30 (Grapevine,TX)
* AMC Hoffman Center 22 (Alexandria,VA)
* AMC Loews Alderwood Mall 16 (Lynnwood,WA)
* AMC Loews Pipers Alley 4 (Chicago,IL)
* AMC Mesa Grand 24 (Mesa,AZ)
* AMC Puente Hills 20 (City of Industry,CA)
* AMC River East 21 (Chicago,IL)
* AMC Studio 30 (Houston,TX)
* AMC Westgate 20 (Glendale,AZ)
* Angelika Film Center (Houston,TX)
* Angelika Film Center (Plano,TX)
* Angelika Film Center & Cafe (Dallas,TX)
* Bethesda Row Cinema (Bethesda,MD)
* Bow Tie Cinemas Plaza 3 (Greenwich,CT)
* Cedar Lee Theatres (Cleveland Heights,OH)
* Century 20 El Con Mall (Tucson,AZ)
* Cinemas Palme D’Or (Palm Desert,CA)
* Clearview Roslyn Theatre (Roslyn,NY)
* Culver Plaza Theatres (Culver City,CA)
* Edwards Brea Stadium East 12 (Brea,CA)
* Esquire 6 Theatre (Cincinnati,OH)
* Fresh Pond 10 (Cambridge,MA)
* Gaslamp Stadium (San Diego,CA)
* Goggleworks Theatre (Reading,PA)
* Harkins Arizona Mills (Tempe,AZ)
* Harkins Shea 14 (Scottsdale,AZ)
* Harkins Theatres Christown 14 (Phoenix,AZ)
* Kew Gardens Cinemas (Kew Gardens,NY)
* Oasis Cinema (Nogales,AZ)
* Plaza De Oro Twin (Santa Barbara,CA)
* Regal Arbor Cinema at Great Hills (Austin,TX)
* Regal Cobblestone Square Stadium 20 (Elyria,OH)
* Regal Cypress Creek Stadium 16 (Fort Lauderdale,FL)
* Regal Downtown West Cinema 8 (Knoxville,TN)
* Regal Fox Tower Stadium 10 (Portland,OR)
* Regal Meridian 16 (Seattle,WA)
* Regal Palace 18 (Miami,FL)
* Regal South Beach Stadium 18 (Miami Beach,FL)
* Regency Fairfax Cinemas (Los Angeles,CA)
* Regency South Coast Village (Costa Mesa,CA)
* Regency Tamarac Square (Denver,CO)
* Ritz Theatres Ritz Five (Philadelphia,PA)
* Showcase Art @ the Ritz Center (Voorhees,NJ)
* Sunrise Cinemas at Sunrise Eleven (Sunrise,FL)
* Tower Theatre (Sacramento,CA)
* Trans-Lux Desert Sky Cinema (Sahuarita,AZ)
* Vine Twin Theatre (Livermore,CA)

Thanks in advance for your support!


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