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Update: News and More Crossing Over Locations!!

Chachi nervously awaits the next Frocktalk update...

Chachi nervously awaits the next Frocktalk update...

You guys, I need to apologize for how terminally behind I am getting in my Frocktalk duties.  I was in Utah last week at BYU, lecturing, and then this week, I have been reading scripts and getting x-rayed for a potential hip injury sustained on a particularly spectacular fall while skiing.  Ahhh, the joys of getting older.

But the point is – I will have reviews for the following films up soon:  The Great Debaters, Sunshine State, and Frozen River.  All three films deserve your immediate viewing attention, so please rent them now – from Netflix, from your local video store, or more importantly, from your LOCAL LIBRARY.  I have been meaning to talk about this for a long time.

Your local library has not only books for hire; they have DVDs and videotapes.  YES.  And they are FREE.  No charge. Absolutely gratis.  You guys, in this economy, if you don’t take advantage of this, you are crazy.  I have been doing a lot of my viewing from the library, as there are NO MORE VIDEO STORES LEFT (gulp!) in my neighborhood.  That’s right – the nearest video store is like 2 miles away, and that is shocking – there used to be three within walking distance, and now… nothing.

Point is, if you want some free entertainment for your upcoming weekend (although you really should be seeing CROSSING OVER in the theater, haha) go to your local library and rent some films – most places will let you keep the films for two days, and with Sunday included, you get the entire weekend to watch these things.  Take advantage.

Okay, now the Crossing Over News.  Crossing Over has expanded in its theatrical locations, and they are as follows:

* AMC River East 21 (Chicago,IL)
* Angelika Film Center (Plano,TX)
* Angelika Film Center & Cafe (Dallas,TX)
* Landmark Midtown Art Cinema (Atlanta,GA)
* Regency Tamarac Square (Denver,CO)
* Angelika Film Center (Houston,TX)
* Bethesda Row Cinema (Bethesda,MD)
* AMC Hoffman Center 22 (Alexandria,VA)
* Ritz Theatres Ritz Five (Philadelphia,PA)
* Showcase Art @ the Ritz Center (Voorhees,NJ)
* Kew Gardens Cinemas (Kew Gardens,NY)
* Clearview Roslyn Theatre (Roslyn,NY)
* Bow Tie Cinemas Plaza 3 (Greenwich,CT)
* Fresh Pond 10 (Cambridge,MA)
* Century 20 El Con Mall (Tucson,AZ)
* Harkins Shea 14 (Scottsdale,AZ)
* AMC Mesa Grand 24 (Mesa,AZ)
* Harkins Arizona Mills (Tempe,AZ)
* Regal South Beach Stadium 18 (Miami Beach,FL)
* Harkins Theatres Christown 14 (Phoenix,AZ)
* AMC Arizona Center 24 (Phoenix,AZ)
* AMC Westgate 20 (Glendale,AZ)
* Cinemas Palme D’Or (Palm Desert,CA)
* Gaslamp Stadium (San Diego,CA)
* AMC Puente Hills 20 (City of Industry,CA)

Man, if you live in Arizona and you don’t see this film, you no longer have a pulse.  They are hitting the Arizona market pretty hard, hey?

I encourage you to see the film, and I cite the previous Frocktalk posts as reasons why.  Not to mention the very positive word-of-mouth reviews that are circulating.  This film has had an agonizingly slow, limited release… and it is definitely worth seeing, so hang in there if it’s not yet in your market.

Thank you, as always, for your understanding and support.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.  The good news is that I am reading scripts for projects that are actually happening, and that is good.  Let’s just cross our fingers that one of these projects actually gets off the ground.  That would be a nice change of pace!!


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