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Holiday Gift Guide for Costume-Types 2013


The gift giving season is upon us, everyone. Whether it’s Hanukkah or Christmas or Kwanzaa or wrap, it’s probably very likely that you will be buying a gift for someone, and if that someone happens to work in the costume department, you might want to listen up.  What follows is this year’s gift list… if you find you need still more inspiration, please consult prior lists HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.  Get your credit cards ready!

I surveyed my crew here, and this is the consensus – best wrap gifts they’ve ever received.  Click on the links to be directed to the sites that sell them.

 Tape Measure bag

Tape Measure Bag – This adorable bag is perfect for receipts and petty cash.  It is also perfect for odds and ends, costume supplies, or anything else that will fit.  I mean, how cute is that?!  And it’s affordably priced.  Available online at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.



Crime Scene Scarf – If you have ever worked on a show where there is a murder or some kind of crime scene, you need this scarf.  It’s a good thing to have around your neck on a day of gruesome shooting, or when you just feel like you’re the walking dead, as many of us do who work in TV.  Available at Perpetualkid.com


Shoe Valet Kit – This is a very good practical gift from Footfitter.com.  Everyone needs one of these, and this is a very handsome case – sturdy, durable and portable.  Also a great gift for men who already have everything.


Edible Gift Baskets – Who doesn’t like an awesome gift basket?!  There are so many vendors who sell this kind of thing, but the name that kept coming up was Harry & David.  You can put someone on a monthly gifting PROGRAM for God’s sake, which is beyond a gift basket, but SO welcome.  If the person likes wine, your options expand even further.  Just for the record, I like wine.  And yes that crashing sound is the dropping of a colossal hint.


Housewife Needle Case, Pincushions – Adore-BELLS!  These totally precious small gifts are available on a one-of-a-kind basis at Etsy.  They are not expensive, they are totally cute, and they are also meaningful for people in our line of work.  What a thoughtful gift!


Giant Scissors or Wooden Spools – These are good home decorating items that people on this crew have loved.  If you are as obsessed with scissors and thread as we often are, it can make for a nice wall hanging in the office or display on your coffee table. Our tailor has a giant pair of iron scissors on his wall, and he loves them so much.  Just sayin.


Warm Jacket Men & Women – For night shoots, we all need a comfortable, warm, good-looking jacket.  Sometimes, shows will give them as wrap gifts, but if your costume-type hasn’t been on one of these shows, why don’t you surprise them with one of their own?  I would also recommend having the pocket flap or sleeve cuff embroidered with “World’s Greatest (costumer, tailor, supervisor, designer, etc)” in a tasteful, tonal color.



BOOKS.  And then there are books.  We’ve had some amazing books on Sleepy Hollow, and therefore my recommendations are thus:  THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS.  Hope it proves interesting and helpful to your costume-type!!

Enjoy your holiday season, everyone.  I hope you get to spend lots of time with the ones you love.




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