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“Hunger Games” Costumes Head to the Auction Block


By Lauren Fonville

The odds are ever in the favor of “Hunger Games” fans craving amazing
memorabilia this month.

Blacksparrow Auctions will auction over 200 original costumes from the
2012 film on November 16, just one week before the release of its
sequel “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Bidders can get in on the
action in person at Blacksparrow’s Los Angeles headquarters, by phone
and online. The original costumes designed by three-time Academy Award
nominee Judianna Makovsky will be unveiled at a reception on November

President of Blacksparrow Auctions Fong Sam said he and his team have
been working on bringing Katniss’, Peeta’s, Cinna’s and Effie
Trinket’s wardrobe to auction for over a year. The company bought the
costumes directly from Lionsgate after the studio decided to hire a
new director (Francis Lawrence) and costume designer (Trish
Summerville) for “Catching Fire.”

“After acquiring them, I realized how special these costumes are,” Sam
told Frocktalk. “I’ve been working in entertainment memorabilia for a
long time and these costumes are not like ones that I’m used to. Not a
lot of costumes are wearable off-screen, but these are so well made.
There are details that the camera didn’t catch.”
Fong predicted Katniss Everdeen’s 23 costumes will be the most
sought-after items in the auction’s catalog. He is particularly
excited to reveal the event’s centerpiece, Katniss’ “Girl on Fire”
gown. The red, strapless, tulle and satin-face, silk dress fans know
so well is laden with Swarovski crystals and other details that were
obscured by CGI flames in the film.

“It’s just stunning in person,” Sam said of the signature dress. “As
good as the movie was and as important as that scene was, it just
didn’t do the costume justice.”

Bidding for the “Girl on Fire” gown will begin at $10,000 – a bargain
considering the gown cost $50,000 to build. Bidding on other Katniss
costumes, including her leather hunting jacket and blue floral Reaping
dress, range from $800 to $5,000.

However, there are plenty of costumes on the block for fans with more
modest budgets.  Bidding on simpler Capitol City costumes will begin
at $100. Blacksparrow has also published the auction’s catalog as a 12
x 12 coffee-table book, available on Amazon and Blacksparrow’s
“Our philosophy is there should be something for everybody. Everyone
should have a chance to require this,” said Sam. “The L.A. premiere of
‘Catching Fire’ is on the 18th, two days after the auction. So, you
can come and bid on your Capitol couture costumes and wear them to the

Sam hopes to share his appreciation for the costumes and the
tremendous work that goes into making them reality with “Hunger Games”

“Whenever we do an auction, it’s an entire learning process for us. We
learn about the production, the craft behind it and the people who are
responsible for this kind of artwork,” Sam said. “It’s big work; it’s
important work. I’d like the fans to be able to see behind the scenes
and see how their favorite movie actually gets made because of work
other people did.”

The auction is also a celebration of “Hunger Games” costume designer
Judianna Makovsky, who received the Costume Designers Guild’s 2013
Career Achievement in Film award for her work on “Harry Potter and the
Sorcerer’s Stone,” “Pleasantville,” and “Seabiscuit” among her many

“[Makovsky] fought through budgetary and time constraints to bring
about a vision that already had a huge fan base. She had to not only
satisfy the director and the studio but — more importantly — satisfy
the fans,” Sam noted.

To peruse the catalog, make an appointment, or for more information,
visit Blacksparrow’s website http://blacksparrowauctions.com.

Happy bidding!


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