Welcome to FrockTalk, the web’s only costume-based movie review site. The goal of Frocktalk is to shed light on the magnificent artistry of costume design in motion pictures. Reviews on this site are written by working costume designers in the entertainment industry – people who know, better than anyone, what it takes to make it all happen. The focus of FrockTalk is not to comment on the big flashy costume dramas, but to call attention to the seemingly ordinary costume design work in film that silently and persuasively moves the audience toward understanding the characters. Costume design for motion pictures is an art form that deserves more recognition than it usually gets. Fancy, pretty costumes do not always equal effective, appropriate costumes. The art of the costume is in letting the audience know who the character is, before the actor even has a chance to open his mouth. Read on, and enjoy. ** CAUTION: ALL REVIEWS CONTAIN SPOILERS! **

Dribs and Drabs and Stuff


Hey there, Frocktalkers!  Sorry it’s been such radio silence here.  My world has exploded in the past few weeks and I am scrambling to keep up with all of it.  There is some great news, though – I’ve been asked to do a TED talk – OMGsonervousIcan’tevenstandit!  I will be speaking at TEDx Pacific Palisades on June 29, 2013!  Yeah, exciting and crazy!  I will be talking about clothing and identity, and how we use the language of clothing in our work as costume designers.  Tickets available soon on the website – check it out HERE.

Also , tons of other cool things happening in the costume design world – on June 20, 2013 Costume Designer Sophie de Rakoff will be hosting a panel of costume designers for the Academy.  From the Hollywood Reporter:

“Additionally, the (LA Film) fest announced that on June 20, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will host ‘The Iconic Moment,’ an event celebrating costume designers and the inauguration of the Academy’s costume designers branch.

Curated by costume designer Sophie de Rakoff, the evening program will include a panel discussion with a group of costume designers, followed by a reception and an exhibit of photographs by artist Alex Prager. Afterwards, there will be an outdoor screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, featuring costumes by designer Edith Head, preceded by Alex Prager’s Hitchcock-inspired short film Despair.”


Sounds like a fun night to me! Tickets available HERE with special prices for college students!


I’m also posting links to interesting costume-related articles every day on Twitter, so come over and check it out @Frocktalk.  I’m also on Facebook with a Frocktalk page, and posting links there, too.  I have a very, VERY interesting interview coming out soon with costume designer Ellen Mirojnick – I love her SO MUCH – she talks about Liberace, the Studio system, and much more.  Exciting stuff, y’all.  Stay tuned!


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