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Buy Your Favorite Screen-Worn Costumes!

Costume worn by Alice Eve in Crossing Over

Costume worn by Alice Eve in Crossing Over

I am not sure whether to file this under “cool” or “kinda creepy”, because while collecting movie memorabilia is cool, it is a little creepy to see a website selling your work, and your hand-written costume tags, for a price. And to not even know that they are selling your stuff….?  Kinda strange.

This site was pointed out to me this morning because at least two films that I designed are listed there.  It’s great to see that the costumes are getting a second life, but it is weird not to know about it, in a way.  I mean, some of these costumes were aged, painted, tweaked personally by me, and of course by my crew; I can still clearly identify the handwriting on the tags as that of specific costumers… it feels a little personal on this end.  It’s our work, for sale.

But at the same time, it’s cool – I mean, fans of the movie can own a piece of it and that is wonderful.  I just feel like I should write the purchaser a letter explaining why it’s dirty, or smells bad, or tell them the story about how we found the item, where we made it, etc.  There are so many stories behind these garments; it seems a shame that the purchaser doesn’t get to hear them.

But here’s the site: http://www.premiereprops.com/index.html

They have listings currently for costumes from The Love Guru, Superhero Movie, 27 Dresses, Lords of Dogtown, Fan Boys, Fired Up, Crossing Over, Sex Drive, and many, many more.  It’s pretty cool to look at the pieces – if you have a moment, check it out!

And if you buy anything, post your questions here and I will get some stories for you about the piece you bought from someone in the costume crew of the film!  At least, I will try to do so – it’s the story behind the item that is often the most interesting part.


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