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Halloween 2012

It’s that time of year, people! Halloween – the most sacred and holy day of the year for us costume-types. What to be this year? Well, I have some ideas… and there are plenty of ideas from years past HERE, HERE and HERE. I have three thematic groupings this year: popular culture, icons of horror, and zombies!!! I will try to make it short and sweet, and give you enough links to get you going.


I love pop culture costumes – they are part of our collective experience.  Being able to re-create and delight each other with the culture we share is awesome, even if it is (at times) irreverent.  If we can continue to find humor in each other, we will be alright.

The Thompson Family

The Thompson Family

1) Honey Boo Boo & Family – I absolutely adore the Thompson family. They truly love each other, and we don’t see enough of that on television. Are they different from you and me? Yes. Does it matter? No. I think this family is having a good time, living their life the way they see fit, and for that reason alone, I think you should Redneckognize!!! Honey Boo Boo (Alana) can be done in leggings and a t-shirt with a tiara and a nice wig; Mama June – also leggings and a t-shirt, with a white sock painted with toenail polish (covering her “forklift foot”). Sugar Bear – trucker hat, t-shirt, jeans and boots, Pumpkin & Chubbs leggings and t-shirts, and finally Chickadee (either pregnant, or with a newborn baby doll) – t-shirt and jeans. Don’t forget Glitzy the (gay) pig – either a person in your group can go as Glitzy, or you can get a stuffed animal for Alana to carry around.  I think you might be in good company with this costume this year.

Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium

2) Long Island Medium – I am obsessed with Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium. She has a show on TLC, and she is able to communicate with the departed. I totally believe that it is all 100% real, and she is such a charming lady, that even if it were all fake, I wouldn’t care. I love her style, I love her mannerisms, I love everything about this woman – she is such a character! AND, if you go to a Halloween party dressed as her, you will be busy all night giving readings: “Who here had a mother that died? Know that she is stepping forward. What’s with the bottle caps? Know that she is acknowledging your love of bottle caps…” etc. Theresa can be done with a great wig, perfect Long Island top, cropped pants, FitFlops, jewelry, and French manicure press-on nails.

3) PSY/Gangnam Style people if you haven’t seen the video that has swept the internet, do yourself a favor and watch it HERE. The key costume components are as follows: PSY – two-tone vintage tuxedo, two-tone shoes, bow tie, tux shirt, & sunglasses. Ladies – sparkly shift dresses, bootie shoes. Cowboy dude – cowboy hat, green t-shirt, shorts, shoes, DIY Necklace. Yellow Suit guy: yellow suit, yellow sneakers, wig, sunglasses, ascot. Optional – somebody please dress as a horse!!! Horse costume HERE and HERE.


What’s better than scaring the bejeezus out of people on Halloween?!  Nothing!  With these built-in fright generators, you’ll have no problem making people jump and/or pee their pants.

1) Jigsaw – Jigsaw is the evil nightmare from the SAW movies. What I like about this costume is that it is simple, and relatively easy to put together. You will also scare the living daylights out of the kids in your neighborhood. It’s simple: mask, black suit, white shirt, red bow tie, red pocket square, white gloves, red shoes. You might also want to consider riding around on a tricycle.

2) Chucky/Bride of Chucky/Seed of Chucky – this would be a fun costume choice for a family or small group looking to get some screams! This project calls for a bit of distressing of Chucky’s costume for sure: Overalls, striped long-sleeved shirt, sneakers, and a mask. For Chucky’s Bride (Tiffany) not too bad: white dress, black motorcycle jacket, black boots, choker, wig, and makeup. For Chucky’s son (Glen): purple t-shirt, black long sleeved t-shirt, black pants, wig, and makeup. The family that kills together… stays together!

3) Regan MacNeil – this is the Linda Blair character from The Exorcist. You can take it as far as you’d like to go, re: hair, makeup, vomit, blood… but the basic costume is simple: Light-colored vintage nightgown, wig, makeup or mask. Feel free to curse the night away and contort your body. Levitating and crab-walking are optional.  If you can do the possession makeup, so much the better, but the mask is not a bad option.


Zombies are everywhere these days – not just in our popular culture and fiction, but also in real life – bath salts, anyone? This Halloween, you can zombify just about any costume, but here are my picks:

1) Childhood Icons – I’m talking Winnie the Pooh zombie, Holly Hobby zombie, Buzz Lightyear zombie, Mickey Mouse zombie – the more innocent the better. Can you imagine being CARE BEAR ZOMBIE? RAINBOW BRIGHT zombie? You just need the costume of your favorite character, a bit of makeup and fake blood, some brains… and the ability to shred your costume and get it bloody & dirty… you’re good.

2) Dead Famous People – I went to a party last year of famous dead people and saw Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Richard Pryor, Amy Winehouse, Picasso, Michael Jackson, George Burns… you get the idea. Pick your favorite famous dead person, and then zombify them if you dare.

3) Political figures – I think that in this election year, current political figures are fair game. You can do MittZombney, Nicolas Sarcozombie, Hamid Karzombaie, Queen Elizombieth – the list is endless.

I hope you have a blast this Halloween, Frocktalkers!!! I can’t wait to see your pictures! Happy Halloween!


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