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20 Years of Costume Design!

Hello, Frocktalkers! Yesterday, I celebrated the 20th anniversary of being hired as a costume designer on a feature film. I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly; it seems impossible. Back then, I was just a young university graduate with a dream – I came to LA not knowing a soul in the industry, but I scrapped and I hustled and I made it happen. I want to sincerely thank producers Holly Keenan, Scott Levy and Mike Elliott for the communication error that eventually lead to my hiring on that film, The Skateboard Kid (you can read all about it in my book Costuming for Film). I’d also like to thank director Larry Swerdlove and producer Roger Corman for not finding out about it and firing me. It’s been a long, arduous, crazy and fun journey, and it feels really satisfying to still be here with most of my sanity intact, surrounded by great friends and still enjoying the work.

Along those lines, I thought you might find the following reading material quite interesting:

I’ve been trolling around Twitter (@Frocktalk), and finding anonymous tweeters who work behind the scenes in entertainment. I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg, but I wanted to share it with you. This Anonymous Costumer is hilarious. I believe s/he is in Canada, from some of the references I’ve gleaned. I was really laughing with way too much recognition at his/her inside jokes. Lord, help me.

Anonymous Costumer: @AnonCostumer

Secret Props Guy: @SecretPropsGuy

Set Designer: @SecretSetDesign

Anonymous Production: @anonproduction

Actor Problems: @Actor_Problems

This Gig Sucks: @ThisGigSucks Stories from the field of show biz

I also thought you might like this article about the costume designer from HBO’s show GIRLS, Jenn Rogien. It’s kind of an old article, but I hadn’t seen it. I love the show – it’s seriously brilliant, and it’s nice to hear from the costume designer!

Have a great week, everyone!!!


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