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Costume House Rejection Letter

This rejection letter from a local costume house came across my desk and I had to share it with you.  Look, I know times are tough here, and costuming is a competitive business, but take a look at this letter.  I left the grammar and spelling alone, and all names are redacted so no one gets sued.  But man – it’s worth a look… after the jump!!!

Costume House

Address 1

Address 2

Phone Number; Fax Number

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for your recent interest in employment at Costume House.  Every year I get an overwhelming amount of resumes.  I am only able to hire a few people, which leads to a three or four year waiting list of employment.  As you may know, we are apart (sic) of Local 705 Union.  For this reason, many people contact us every week to get their hours to join the Union.  We are not interested in hiring people just to get their 30 days.  We hire people for the time we need them for.  A six month commitment is usually what a person is hired for.

For many people it is their dream to do wardrobe and work in the entertainment costuming field.  Because it is their dream they have gone to school to study design and construction of clothing for film, television and theater.

What I am looking for is a person who is passionate about this art form.  Also, stylist need not apply.  We are looking for costumers.  Here is what I am looking for in a resume:

1)   At least some knowledge of costume history (schooling or experience)

2)   Some work history in costuming, not styling work (i.e. At least three listings of work as a wardrobe PA, costuming non-union films, theater costuming and dressing.

3)   Have some savings, so you are able to live on unlivable wages while working here.

4)   Someone who lives in the greater Los Angeles area, and is knowledgeable about the area and the downtown shopping district.

5)   Able to type at least 30 words a minute.  That’s half of our job here at Costume House.

At this time, I will be unable to consider your resume for future hire.  When your resume has changed and feel that it would meet the criteria above, please feel free to resubmit it.

Again, thanks for your interest,

Name redacted


Costume House

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This is reality, Frocktalkers – I did not make this up!  I could not make this up.  What do you think about the message?


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