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RIP, Ray Aghayan – Emmy, CDG Award Winner

Costume designer Ray Aghayan with Judy Garland

Costume designer Ray Aghayan with Judy Garland

Just received news from the Costume Designers Guild that Costume Designer extraordinare Ray Aghayan has passed away.  He designed loads of TV projects, including the Shirley Temple Theater, the Judy Garland Show, and the Academy Awards shows.  He designed films as well, including Funny Girl, Lady Sings the Blues, and 1967’s Doctor Dolittle.  He was nominated for Oscars, Emmys and even a Tony award.  His is a sad loss for the design community, and our thoughts are with our family and those who loved him.  Here is the word from the CDG:

We have sad news to share. Costume Designer Ray Aghayan – who was honored by the CDG with a Career Achievement in Television Award in 2008 – has died. He was 83. Born July 28, 1928 in Tehran, he came to Los Angeles at 17 and after working as a producer and director, devoted himself to Costume Design. Aghayan was instrumental in persuading the TV Academy to officially recognize the contributions of Costume Designers. Sharing with Bob Mackie, he won the first ever Emmy Award for Costume Design in 1967 for “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” He went on to receive 6 other noms, winning 2, including for his work on The Annual Academy Awards (1992). He also received 3 Oscar nominations, 2 of which were shared with Mackie including “Funny Lady” (1975) and “Lady Sings the Blues” (1972). A long time collaborator with Diana Ross, he had just completed several costumes for her concert appearances. Rest in peace, Ray. You will be greatly missed. More about his life here: http://www.costumedesignersguild.com/aw-archive/cat4-2008-aghayan/


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