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FANCY EVENT ALERT: FIDM 17th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition

Okay, so I snuck out of work to go to this one.  I told production I was “going on a run,” and I hightailed it to FIDM.  The traffic was backed up for two blocks around the building, due to the valet line, so I street-parked it.  What ever happened to parking underneath the building?  That was so much easier.  Anyhoo, the event was superb, and it was time well spent away from set.

The exhibition was on the ground floor, and as you walked in, there was kind of a “drive-in movie” theme happening.  The event was titled “Lights, Camera, Costumes,” so I’m not sure what all of the black-light paint and drive-in movie thing was about.  There were clips screening on the entry wall – a nice touch to see the costumes inside the exhibition in motion.

So, the following are my pictures of the costumes on display. I tried to take all of my pictures with NO flash, so that the colors would be truer.  That exhibit was so dimly lit, I thought maybe we were going to see premature babies whose retinas had not fully developed.  But no, just costumes!  In any case, I did my best to get good pictures, and here they are…

The Spirit.  Costume Designer:  Michael Dennison

Superhero Movie. Costume Designer: Carol Ramsey

The Dark Knight: Costume Designer: Lindy Hemming

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Costume Designer: Sanja Hays

Speed Racer. Costume Designer: Kym Barrett

Appaloosa. Costume Designer: David C. Robinson

The Reader.  Costume Designer: Ann Roth; Associate Costume Designer: Donna Maloney



Changeling. Costume Designer: Deborah Hopper

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Costume Designer: Michael O’Connor

The Duchess. Costume Designer: Michael O’Connor

The Fall. Costume Designer: Eiko Ishioka

The Love Guru. Costume Designer: Karen Patch

The Spiderwick Chronicles. Costume Designer: Joanna Johnston

Pretty cool, huh?  And it was SO NICE to see everyone last night.  I’m going to apologize right now if I inadvertently gave any of you my heinous cold.   Congratulations to everyone whose costumes were represented in the show – it was such a nice event!  I am so glad I played hooky for a few hours!!

FIDM 17th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Exhibition

Open to the public 1-28-09 through 3-29-09

10AM – 4PM Wednesday – Sunday

www.fidm.edu 213-624-1200 ext. 2224


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