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Economic Downturn and the Film Biz: the W Effect

I published several articles last year about the economic downturn and how it has affected the film industry.  The LA Times has been vigilant about reporting on our situation, and today’s offering is a very good update.  Since the market crash in the summer of 2008, there has been talk that our recovery might be rocky – that is, we would crash, recover slightly, crash again, and then slowly recover for good.  On a graph, that looks like the shape of the letter W.  If you look at it through the lens the LA Times has crafted, we may have reached the second nadir now.  It is true – there are fewer films being made, people are working for half their rates (testify!) and jobs are scarce.  What I can tell you is that those of us lucky enough to be working are counting our blessings, no matter how difficult the show or how little we are paid.  These are tough times.  One day, we will look back on this time and tell stories about our hardships.  I just hope I do it from the deck of my own private ski lodge in Switzerland.  Have a great week, everyone!


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