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Comic Con 2010: Friday!

Tony Stark/Iron Man

Tony Stark/Iron Man

Hello Frocktalkers! I am totally exhausted after a long day 1 (for me) of Comic Con this year. I saw some amazing things and had a great time, and I have some photos for you after the jump!

So, I started the day with the Costume Designers Guild panel for Television Costume Design. I was moderating this panel, and all of the panelists were totally lovely and had great stories! I just wish we had more time to take questions from the audience. We should have at least a three-hour panel. There is so much to discuss.

The TV Panelists: Ane Crabtree, Shawna Trpcic, Audrey Fisher, Jennifer Eve, Pamela Shaw and (not pictured) Shawnelle Cherry

The TV Panelists: Ane Crabtree, Shawna Trpcic, Audrey Fisher, Jennifer Eve, Pamela Shaw and (not pictured) Shawnelle Cherry

Then I went to the CDG/ADG Illustration exhibit at the Bayfront Hilton. It’s very difficult to find, but I will make it easier for you now:

Step ONE: Exit the convention center and head to the right. When you get to the end, take another right, so you curve around to the back of the building. You will then see the Hilton…

The Bayfront Hilton

The Bayfront Hilton

Head to the LEFT of the Hilton building, and you will see the entrance:

Head up both pairs of escalators, and you will reach the AQUA level.

Turn right, and you will see the tables set up to greet you at the exhibit.

Note: no photos are allowed at the exhibit, so I couldn’t really show you much. However, there is some GREAT stuff on display – everything from The Grinch to Inception to The Godfather to Night at the Museum II… there is a lot to see, and it’s a nice diversion from the wall-to-wall people in the convention center.

I then went on a mission to find the best costumes in the hall. The CDG gave me some prize ribbons, and my mission is to award the ribbons to the best costumes I see. And, I saw quite a few. Including…

Tony Stark/IronMan and Black Widow –

They cast some of these pieces themselves, and they made their own costumes. They were very nice and gracious, taking a lot of photos for the crowd assembled in the front of Comic Con.

They are Tracy Butcher and Keith Carter. Great work, guys!

Then, one of my favorites – I found Giselle from Enchanted. This is Amy Brunolli with a great dress she made herself! Brava!

Next we have Cindy Harris, in a beautiful costume she made and assembled. She is pictured here as Princess Leia (as Bousch). It’s Star Wars day, people!!

Nice work, Cindy!

And then, perhaps my favorite of the day, young Marcello Wilkinson as Sweeney Todd. Come on, the kid is not even old enough to have a moustache, and look how sophisticated he is. Most kids his age are still learning to skateboard; he’s dressing up in costume as the demon Barber of Fleet Street at Comic Con. I love this kid!

I mean, he is carrying a straight razor (how’d he get past security?!) and a bloody rag. This is pure awesomeness. He has restored my faith in the new generation. Great job, Marcello!

Then, in a nod to Chris from Clothes on Film, we have…. THE DUDE.

This is Mayer Schneider, wearing everything, including JELLIES, man. This guy found jellies shoes, and his wearing them on the concrete floor of Comic Con. He deserves a medal just for that.  That concrete floor kills everyone’s feet!

Last but not least, we have Barry Pike as Obi Wan Kenobi. It was Star Wars day, after all, and I could not let this guy go.

Does he look like Alec Guinness or what?!? I thought the likeness, coupled with the simplicity of his costume (so many Star Wars peeps we saw seem to over-complicate the design) was a winning combination.

He also had not one, but TWO lightsabers, and he had a few magic tricks he could do with them, so yeah – he gets a ribbon.

We then visited the comics section, and my trusty pals Chandler and Darren had to explain a few things to me. This involves JACK KIRBY. Check it out:  ** For some reason, I can’t embed the video!!!  Please check it out HERE **  Here’s the direct link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzZ2d9UFH88

One last cool weird thing – after the TV panel, a bunch of us were walking to the autograph booth when we spied this girl dressed as Sookie Stackhouse, the lead character from True Blood.  Little did she know that Audrey Fisher was among us, the costume designer who brought Sookie to life. It was quite a full-circle moment.

I have so much more from the ‘Con, but this is all I can post tonight. I will have more for you tomorrow! Hope you have a great weekend!


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