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And Now, a Word From the CDG about Comic Con!

Our friends at the Costume Designers Guild are working their buns off to present a fantastic array of panels, sights and awards for your enjoyment at Comic Con!  Read on:

Studio City, CA July 13, 2010 – A sea of close to 150,000 Comic-Con attendees will swarm the San Diego Convention Center July 21-25, dressed in costumes they made impersonating their favorite idol, action hero, or theme.    Many of these costumes were originally designed and illustrated by professional Costume Designers and Costume Illustrators for movies and television shows. In its sixth year at Comic-Con, the CDG continues to create an exciting Comic-con experience for costume enthusiasts.

Costume Designers and Costume Illustrators from the Costume Designers Guild, Local 892 (CDG) will present three panels to discuss the collaborative design process of transforming comic book characters and creator’s visions for the big screen. Afterwards, fans will flock to get autographed posters and costume illustrations and meet the panelists in person at the autograph sessions in the Sails Pavillion.

The CDG Costume Designers and Costume Illustrators scheduled to appear on Friday’s panel, Costume Designers: Designing For Television Production (Room 32AB/11 a.m.) are Audrey Fisher (True Blood), Ane Crabtree (Justified), Shawna Trpcic (Firefly), Pamela Shaw (Assistant Costume Designer, Vampire Diaries), Jennifer Eve (Assistant Costume Designer, Glee). Moderator is Kristin Burke, Costume Designer, and creator of website Frocktalk.com.

Saturday is costume-packed starting with the film panel, Costume Designers & Costume Illustrators: Designing For Feature Films (Room 5AB/12:30 p.m.) featuring a cast of blockbuster-film CDG Members Michael Wilkinson (Jonah Hex), Phillip Boutte, Jr. (Inception), Christine Bieselin Clark (Co- Designer, Tron: Legacy), Ha Nguyen (Priest), Laura Jean Shannon (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), and Shawnelle Cherry (10,000 Days). “10,000 Days,” is 12 eight-minute webisodes of the world 10,000 days after a comet strikes the earth in 2011. Moderator is Susan Nininger, Costume Designer, (Bodyguard).

After the autograph session in the Sails Pavillion, the adventure continues at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, just south of the Convention Center with The Design Process for Film and Television (Indigo Ballroom/4:00 p.m.). This is a combined panel of the Art Directors Guild (ADG) and CDG Illustrators who will discuss the fundamental importance of illustration, as well as the cohesiveness in building a holistic world for the character. CDG Members Christian Cordella (The Last Airbender), and Brian Valenzuela (Star Trek), and ADG
Members Benton Jew (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides), Phil Saunders (Iron Man 2) and dual CDG/ADG Member Robin Richesson (The Last Airbender) are scheduled. Moderator is Harrison Ellenshaw, Filmmaker/Visual Effects Artist (Star Wars: Episode V- The Empire Strikes Back). Autograph session follows in the hotel, Aqua Level Room 311.
This year the CDG is proud to present its first costume illustration exhibit at Comic-Con in conjunction with the ADG at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. One can see, up close, the artistry and craftsmanship of fascinating costume and set/concept illustrations from various genres of television and film projects. The exhibit opens Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m in Aqua Level Room 311, through 5p.m. on Sunday. In addition, CDG is excited to introduce an exclusive, interactive CDG Hall Costume Award Contest this year. Thursday through Saturday of the convention, CDG Members will roam the halls seeking their personal favorite costumes. Attendees can follow on Twitter, @costumedesguild, to find out the hall contest locations and the chance to vie for a ribbon. Each day, photos of the winners with their prized CDG ribbons will be uploaded to a site link tweeted to followers!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Later Saturday evening, three celebrity guest CDG members will judge the annual Comic-Con Costume Masquerade and present the stunning CDG “Favorite Costume Award” to a talented winner, along with a gift certificate to International Silks & Woolens, a terrific fabric/notion source used by industry professionals in West Hollywood.

The CDG is excited to expose fans from all over the world to the behind-the-scenes costume design process and costume illustrations for popular film and television characters and looks forward to offering another inspiring Comic-con costume experience. Due to the needs of filming production schedules, panelists are subject to last minute changes. For updates on CDG happenings during the convention, follow us on Twitter @costumedesguild.

The Costume Designers Guild, Local 892 (CDG) promotes the artistry, technical expertise and creative vision of their union members in the field of film and television Costume Design. Today, its membership consists of over 700 members and includes motion picture, television, and commercial costume designers, assistant costume designers and illustrators throughout the world.


And yes, Frocktalkers, I will be covering the event with photos, interviews and madness as well – stay tuned for some crazy coverage!!!


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