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Lesson for the Day: Shut Your Pie Hole

The ultimate yapper: Chatty Cathy

The ultimate yapper: Chatty Cathy

Hello, Frocktalkers. Today I’d like to talk about NOT TALKING. Specifically, if you are ever on a movie set, and you are next to the monitor (the TV screen on which you can view what’s being shot), KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! People who are in front of the monitor are watching the screen to look out for continuity errors, lighting problems, camera moves – all kinds of things. They do not want to hear your jibber jabber, laughter, songs, or anything of this manner. Making noise in any form in front of the monitor is EXCEEDINGLY disrespectful to everyone making the film (especially the director), and it is totally unprofessional. This has been your lesson for the day. Thank you.


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