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So long, Hollywood Video.

Hi guys – this has been a crazy week. We start shooting on Monday, and have only in the later days of this week, received cast. So, we are scrambling with all four burners cooking, and I apologize for not posting more here.

I went to rent a copy of “Ray” at my local video store (the closest one to my house, at 1 mile away… in LA… ?!) only to find that the store had CLOSED. So now it’s official. There are no more video stores in my neighborhood.  None.  I’d have to cross a freeway and drive almost three miles to get to a video store.

This leaves me with but one option, which I URGE YOU to also consider: The library. Our public libraries are stocked with movies, and hey guess what – they are FREE to rent. I love my library – they have hundreds of titles, and it’s a three-day rental. And did I mention it’s free?

With the number of video stores precariously dwindling (thanks to Amazon and Netflix), it behooves you to check out your local library. You might find some interesting films in their collection, and it won’t cost you anything to figure out whether or not you liked the movie.

More to come – stay tuned for more insight. I am kind of buried for the next few days, but will resurface with some good details. Have a great week, everyone!


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