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Comic Con: Day Four!

Red, blood-shot eyes.  Last day of the Con!

Red, blood-shot eyes. Last day of the Con!

Okay, I just arrived back in LA from San Diego, and I am totally wiped out.  Today was “Kids Day” at Comic Con, and I went with Mini Darth Vader and his dad to seek some good times.  Good times we found, in the form of lots of fun kid-friendly activities.

First, the “How to Draw Star Wars” panel.  This was fabulous.  The girls running the panel were very funny, but please don’t give them any more coffee!  Mini Darth was drawing like mad, and we all learned some new tricks as they took us through the characters, step-by-step.

Mini Darth drawing Darth Vader, left, and Chewbacca, right

Mini Darth drawing Darth Vader, left, and Chewbacca, right

Next, we went to have a real comic book artist sign Mini Darth Vader’s sketchbook.  This was really nice – this artist did not charge us for the sketch, and the tiny Dark Lord was pleased.

He's drawing Batman...

He's drawing Batman...

There were lots of costumed kids; here these kids are playing with Legos at the sprawling Lego booth.  I think they had four low tables set up, sand-box-style, with pieces for the kids to build stuff.  The kids loved it.

We then walked by a booth where people were gathered around, looking at something.  Upon closer inspection, we discovered that it was Margot Kidder, the actress who played Lois Lane in the 1978 film version of Superman.  Surprisingly, there wasn’t really a line to get her autograph.  Since Mini Darth Vader had just seen Superman (and loved it), we thought we’d get her to sign his sketchbook.  Her handler, however, wanted us to pay for a photo, bla bla bla.  Ms. Kidder took one look at Mini Vader, and told him to pick out a photo – no charge.  She signed the picture for him, and chatted with us about her grandson, who is young and also just saw the film for the first time.  She was really lovely, and we walked away with big smiles on our faces!  And a signed photo to hang on Mini Darth’s wall forever!

After we took pictures with a thousand more Star Wars costumed characters on the Comic Con floor, we bought some Hot Wheels and a couple of comic books, and had lunch.  After which, we went BACK to the Alice in Wonderland exhibit.

Maggie of The Costumers Guide tells me that those Alice in Wonderland golden key/invitation tickets are now selling on eBay – check it out – that is crazy!  Mini Darth enjoyed the exhibit, and I took some more pictures for posterity.  I am passing them along to Maggie, and she will post the entire set.

Now, I am going to pass out.  I will have the Steampunk story for you tomorrow night.  I am so inspired and truly moved by the ingenuity and imagination of the Steampunk crowd at Comic Con.  I leave you with another image…

This is "Rose", a Steampunk creation...

This is "Rose", a steampunk creation...

Have a great week!


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