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Comic Con: Preview Day!

OK, so today was the “preview” day/night of Comic Con.  Let me tell you, it was overrun with people, already.  The line just to pick up passes was a quarter-mile long, no joke.  But the best thing happened when I was walking up to the convention center.  That’s when I saw THIS GUY:

This one goes out to YOU, Rick from filmjackets.com!  Here is your Indiana Jones fan, taking it to the limit.  This guy is from Japan, and he spoke no English, but here he is in all his Indy-Fanboy glory, whip and everything.  I knew, when I saw him, that this was a good omen, given our recent discussion of Indiana Jones and the Fanboy costume situation.

Inside, I cruised the halls from D to E.  There are sections A – E at the convention center, so I only hit a third of the floor.  The following are some pictures from the floor – check it out.

These are some nice dolls in the vein of Comic Con.  Everything here (in case you didn’t know) leans toward the sci-fi, the gothic, the comic book, the anime, the manga, or the fantasy side of life.

There are lots of vendors selling beautiful posters, like these…

And there are lots and LOTS of vendors selling dolls, collectibles, action figures, skateboard decks and limited-edition small vinyl toys.  Some of the most popular of these are KidRobot’s Dunny series.

They may look like strange little chachkis to you, but to others, they are precious!

There are also plenty of people dressed up in costume, wandering the floor, handing out fliers, or posing for pictures.

Tokidoki has a big booth that was swarming with people.  It was almost impassable in front of their booth.  Crazy talk!

Then, I found something really interesting – figurines of movie icons in their costumes.  Here are Chucky, Jigsaw from SAW, and Snake from ESCAPE FROM LA.

And here, ladies, is Edward from Twilight.  Although I must say, I don’t recognize the costume…

There was a booth with a lot of cool props and somewhat-costumey things for sale, too – this one had things from Star Wars, Gremlins, V for Vendetta, and many more.

And here is a display typical of Comic Con.  It’s a large warty monster that dwarfs regular human beings.  Pretty cool, huh?  I guess that depends on whom you ask.

I must tell you, I am exhausted, though – the heat and the crowds are really intense.  I am going to post a “How To Survive Comic Con” story in a second.  Stay tuned for more!!!


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